• Astrology and Horoscopes Relationship to Your Health

    Since my earliest remembrances of Astrology and well before that because this has been around for at least two thousand years and I haven’t, Astrological influence has been used to read or measure everything from planting of crops to animal husbandry, fishing, and the movements of the moon. Ask any good farmer and they’ll tell you that their bible is the Farmer’s Almanac. As a child I remember my daddy getting it at the first of the year from our local feed and seed store where this small paperback book was kept it in a place of honor until it needed to be used.

    Not only did they utilize it for the practices mentioned above but they used it in the cutting of their hair and any kind of surgery or non-emergency doctor’s visit they might be planning. You probably know this but just in case you don’t each sign of the Zodiac governs certain parts of the body. When consulting the almanac they could see which sign the Moon was in and thus insure getting the best results from a doctor’s visit.

    When looking to surgery be sure to stay away from the full moon because surgeons have found that it’s harder to control bleeding around that time. According to Astrology, try to stay away from that full moon for at least five days before and afterward. Some thoughts are that since we’re about ninety-eight percent water and the Moon controls water that it might control the blood as well.

    The Moon works even more by going through certain signs because you want to stay away from the sign that governs the part of surgery you’re having. For instance if you need neck surgery, you will probably want to wait until the Moon has left Taurus well.

    Our glorious Moon works through the signs every couple of days. So you can see how easily you can wait until a better time is met if you know what phase of the Zodiac the Moon is in. If you’re not an Astrologer you may find those aspects easily on the web by going to the Farmer’s Almanac.

    We’ll get into the Sun Signs and the body parts they rule here so you’ll know at a glance how to look for the Moon phase and the related body parts you need. Also, we’ll get into your Ascendant because it has a direct impact on how you approach medical issues too. All of this is done so that you don’t have to become a full-fledged Astrologer because that will take a long, long time but if you have the will and like to continue to learn, be my guest.

    Each Sun Sign’s personality looks at their health in a certain manner. You can see below how each is affected by the sign under which they were born. Check your natal chart so that you’ll more easily be able to understand how you look at your own health and it’s vulnerabilities.

    Now for that look at Sun Sign personalities as related to health and other parts of life as well because you know if you have these thoughts in one place you probably have them in other aspects of your life.

    Aries-These adventuresome people don’t have time to worry about their health because they’ve got too much to do and are generally on the go so much they believe they’re fine.

    Taurus-Practicality and logic dictate that this beautiful eyed person might worry over an illness but could procrastinate but for good reason over whether to seek medical help or not.

    Gemini-Because they’re the communicators of the Zodiac these very intelligent people will rationalize illness before ever getting it checked out.

    Cancer-Not to say these are hypochondriacs but they may become a little concerned over any perceived illness because they need to take care of home and family.

    Leo-These people expect to stay healthy forever so they get very angry with themselves when they become ill.

    Virgo-Let’s just say that they want to stay well so much that they may very well go to the doctor at any perceived symptom of illness even if there is none.

    Libra-When it comes to illness they are the biggest procrastinators about seeking medical assistance probably due to the fact this was something very easily fixed when they had it before.

    Scorpio-What doctor? Who needs a doctor? They can see what their symptoms mean by simply looking them up on the Internet and probably be able to fix it too.

    Sagittarius-They’ll go to their physician when they get time or when the symptoms become too hard to ignore.

    Capricorn-These people tend to worry about what they know may be illness with their take-charge attitudes.

    Aquarius-These fair people may listen intently to medical advice but may find that they really don’t want or need to take it.

    Pisces-These born worriers might develop imaginary ailments.

    Now, let’s take a look at the part of the body that each Sun Sign of the Zodiac rules and some of its illnesses.

    Aries-Rules the head and they may have migraine headaches. Because the planet Mars rules Aries, these people can have ear, kidney, vein and genital issues.

    Taurus-Rules the neck, ears, lower jaw and throat. They may overeat, have thyroid issues and bloating. Venus rules Taurus and may cause weight gain.

    Gemini-Rules the arms, lungs, shoulders and fingers. Mercury rules Gemini and can cause nervousness and stress along with depression.

    Cancer-Rules the stomach and the breasts. The Moon which rules Cancer can cause digestive problems along with breast issues; Cancers tend to be stressed.

    Leo-Rules the heart, spine and back. The Sun rules Leo and when it’s great, it’s great but when it’s bad, it’s really bad. Their energy is either up or down with hardly any in between.

    Virgo-Rules the intestines, solar plexus and the nervous system. Mercury rules Virgo which may cause restlessness and lack of sleep because of it.

    Libra-Rules the kidneys lower back and groin so lower back problems, kidney infections and pulled muscles could be in this signs’ future. Venus rules Libra and may cause the Libran to be self-indulgent.

    Scorpio-Rules the sexual organs which most think makes them the sexiest sign of the Zodiac but isn’t actually true. The bladder, prostate and rectum are also ruled by Scorpio and you know what problems could happen here. Pluto rules Scorpio and can cause a considerable amount of stress along with constipation and bladder issues.

    • Sagittarius-Rules the hips, thighs and blood vessels. Jupiter, its ruler, can cause hormone production issues.

    Capricorn-Rules the knees, bones and teeth. Saturn is its ruler and can have an adverse effect on the bones if not watched.

    Aquarius-Rules circulation. Uranus rules Aquarius and may cause metabolic issues along with nerve problems.

    Pisces-Rules the feet. Neptune rules Pisces and because these people are so in tune with their spiritual selves may have more problems with addiction than most.

    Now let’s take a look at your Ascendant and how it affects your health. It plays an important role in assessing your vulnerabilities to disease and will help you understand which areas you need to consider most. Information on your Ascendant coupled with you Sun sign can help you with knowledge to make your life better. Use this as a guide to help yourself.

    Aries-These people are prone to stress and strain simply because they expect too much of themselves. Because of this they may take on too much at work or play and in their relationships which can cause more stress. If you’re one of these people find a way to meditate or do what’s necessary to make your life less complicated.

    Taurus-You’ll probably need to exercise more because of your attitude on the enjoyment of life. If you’re getting what you want you may not watch your waistline very well. Be cognizant of this point because it can cause problems as you age.

    Gemini-Because you like to schedule as much as you can in your workday you may have problems with worry over not getting enough time with your mate or children. Take time to cover the emotional aspects of your life.

    Cancer-Poor organizational skills can cause you to become lethargic and possibly lazy. Feeling as if you’re being picked on by others can make you have a less-than-friendly mouth which can cause more stress. Hurt feelings can then lead to illness. Try to become more organized so that you’re proud of yourself.

    Leo-If you’re not the center of attention because of your prowess at work or home, you tend to become angry with yourself. Try to understand that not all people will recognize or at the very least compliment you on your endeavors. Try not to be so hard on you.

    Virgo-If any sign of the Zodiac needs a schedule, you do. Guilt is something you feel when you think you’ve not completed work that was planned. Try to find your happy medium so that you can get your work done in a less stressful manner.

    Libra-The born diplomat you worry about what others think of you and thus that causes you to become upset with self and more prone to illness. Try to be happy with your accomplishments.

    Scorpio-You may not be the most sexual of the Zodiac but you like to party hardy and that can cause problems with lack of sleep. Relax and enjoy life.

    Sagittarius-You need to watch your weight and be happy with yourself. You can become restless and unhappy. Try to be more positive and keep those type people around you.

    Capricorn-Long hours you like to put into work can give you sore muscles. See your massage therapist and try to watch the amount of time you sit in front of the computer.

    Aquarius-You must learn to pace yourself. Otherwise you could have joint issues, possibly arthritis. Slow down. Stop to smell the roses. Enjoy your life without having to fix it for everyone.

    Pisces-You need flexible but constant work hours and ethics because you want material gain and to be able to be just a tad lazy occasionally. Make a schedule in order to keep from becoming too stressed.

    Each of the Sun Signs and Ascendants shown previously can help you to remain your healthiest self. Use this eBook with that in mind but go to your health professional if you think you have a need because they can assist you in keeping your health top notch.

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