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    Birthday weekly aries march 21 – april 19

    Sunday, March 26, 2017

    It is difficult to stay inside this sunday. This may mean chores inside keep you from the beauty of the out-of-doors but more than likely it is just that the responsibilities of this day keep multiplying–take a break. You may want to make your office space neater or more attractive this monday morning. Early morning time is yours this tuesday and it may be the only time that you will experience a quiet time, so enjoy. You will find this wednesday a beautiful day . . . One filled with granted wishes, surprise gifts and after work you may enjoy visits from people that you have not seen for some time. If you own a company, this thursday may be the day you come up with some good ideas about transportation for the employees. You are in a good place this friday and your outlook is most positive. You will be teaching others through your own example, whether you realize it or not. If you consider your work creative, you should be quite productive, particularly at this time of the year. A clever friend wants to help you celebrate; put on a new outfit and paint the town. Happy birthday!

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