Birthday Weekly

Birthday Weekly cancer June 22 – July 22

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The energies present this sunday are meant to push you forward. As time passes, you will be pleasantly pleased with the results. There are strong indications that this monday is not for work. Being most unlikely to stay away from work you might go about completing unfinished business and tending to a few customers that are in need of some follow-up attention. You are going to need a snack this tuesday. A little snack will help your energy level to kick back up a little. A meeting this afternoon may give you lots of new ideas for increasing business. Grab the positive thinking this wednesday and just start moving; things will fall into place that will give you ideas or opportunities to achieve your heart’s desire. Higher-ups may want to test employees this thursday to see if they will be resourceful in helping to improve the technicalities of the business. Orders are good and there is a need for good workers. Do not take the back seat to this friday’s activities. There are lots of things to accomplish, to plan and to enjoy. There are important developments in the financial industry. Happy birthday!