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    Birthday weekly capricorn december 22 – january 19

    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    You infect others this sunday with your eagerness to teach. If you are helping young adults or children to better their grade averages, this year you may see some positive results. A mystery in the workplace this monday is not something in which you should become involved. Time will disclose the answer and you will be pleased you never did anything but help take on a little more work. Feeling out of balance this tuesday could only mean that there has been a hard push to complete difficult tasks, leaving most employees exhausted. You can create a balance for yourself and others by looking at a whole time period. This wednesday is time to introduce a gentle kindness along with an organized work environment. This is the beginning of new goals for you in this workplace, perhaps your own secret goals for success. You are most trustworthy and a relative or loved one is giving you more responsibility this thursday. There is a surprise change in plans later this day. Happy birthday!

    Birthday weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    You may find yourself repeating a process only to look at the results and repeat the process again. You don’t believe in doing anything if you can’t do it the right way; however, this friday there may be many ways to accomplish an end result. There is some insight or feeling that this saturday is the time for final decisions and completed projects. Although the evening is just for you, there are many times when you ask to be helpful; stop, relax and enjoy. You are all about encouragement. Happy birthday!

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