• Daily Aquarius Horoscope

    Birthday daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Monday, January 23, 2017

    Mountain climbing, parachuting or deep-sea diving may have been in your past but now you are looking for new challenges. Your friends could be asking about your next challenge and you have subjects to ponder. You enjoy sports as well as olympic style competition and you have ideas of what might be next but only a few of your friends will want to join you. You love life and embrace the experiences that come with it. A spelunking or science-discovery group may be what keeps you busy in your free time this birth year. Don’t forget to take a camera with you for whatever new adventure you want to experience. Coming back to this day and tending to business, you look forward to being with your friends later this evening. Happy birthday!

    Daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    A day of feeling blocked may spur an inventive mood–others could learn a great deal from watching your progress. A project demands your attention later today and research may be an important way to make fast progress. After some research, perhaps in the library or by consulting with a parent company, you will find the needed information to accomplish what is needed. Authority figures are watching and are sure they gave the project to the right person. Do not forget your sense of humor–you can put a smile on other people’s faces. Avoid a late night party or working late; young people may need your presence. The elderly must learn to accept the offerings of the young, and this is your most important message to impart this evening.

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