Daily Aquarius

Birthday daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This sunday brings about opportunities to change your routine a little. You will have time to tend to errands and chores this morning but the rest of the day belongs to others: friends or relatives. Driving to a destination may be part of the day so take what you need to be comfortable on a long drive. When visiting with young people, take the opportunity to mentor. We all tend to learn in small steps and a well-chosen, wise word or two can be quite helpful. This is a wonderful time in that you will know you are appreciated and loved. If you are asked to give an opinion or make a big decision, your job is to request time to think about the answer first; big decisions take time to develop into the right action. Hugs and pictures are warranted tonight. Happy birthday!

Daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

The energies that surround you now support your taking full advantage of your position in some community organization. Fairness to other people is emphasized now. A period of intellectual creativity has dawned in your life. Expressing yourself with flair comes to mean more to you. Beating the odds through cleverness is appealing and this may lead to an interest in all kinds of speculation or sports. Figuring out how to organize projects and people is apt to become a topic of special interest–and a challenge. This evening, close personal relationships are likely to undergo some testing; activate that good-listener side of you. Cement your ties to others and make sure they are rock-solid–because if they are not, they are apt to crack under stress.


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