• Daily Aquarius Horoscope

    Birthday daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Sunday, January 22, 2017

    A phone call last night may have been from friends wanting your attention. You show up at a fun type of surprise reunion and spend the rest of this day in total amazement. Whether you are being entertained or whether you are being reunited with one or two persons that you knew some time ago . . . This is a weird but gratifying day. Later today you make it a point to feed animals and put water around where needed in case it turns into a really cold evening. A garden shop or nursery may have just the plants you want for a big color exhibit at your house next spring–at least you can plan. You are imaginative and people will come from all around when it is time to view your shower of flowers. A lucky streak this evening may be a fluke . . . Happy birthday!

    Daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    You will have some good news on an increase in money but do not go spending it until you see the green paper in your hands. Professional ethics may be a bit slack for now, perhaps because encouragement to the work force is needed. The profession you are in will do a turnaround regarding money and production. An increase in money will happen, perhaps not on schedule. You encourage others in their work and are in a good position to communicate. Turn to some form of music today. Perhaps you play the harmonica or you dance. You may get a phone call this evening from a family member that wants you to be a godparent, or some other responsible duty–find out what this means with regard to your religion and with the family.

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