• Daily Aquarius Horoscope

    Birthday daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

    Going into work this morning is a fun happening! You are in control and you look forward to the work that needs accomplishing; after all, it is the best attitude to take. Surprises happen all day and many of those surprises come from you. Because you are talented in many types of artistic ways, you make suggestions for improving business as well as possibly creating the next fun advertising scheme. You have a good sense of humor; use it to teach the people you work with to lighten the day a bit. Create an advertisement that will be remembered in positive ways. Writing a proposal or creating an artistic presentation is where you will see many profits. Put down your pen and go out with the gang tonight; this is your time. Happy birthday!

    Daily aquarius january 20 – february 18

    This day brings about positive changes in security, savings, expenses, cost of living and the changes you and others are trying to make happen. This is one of your best overall days. You may find yourself having more interest and energy at home and with the family–perhaps having less polish on the job just now. Your home life will lay the foundation for greater confidence at work. This is a healing time for the spirit, family, friends, creativeness, etc. Be more cautious about financial commitments just now. Long trips could be planned after march. Life is easier than you think–all you have to do is accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, bear the intolerable and be able to smile at most anything.

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