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    Birthday daily capricorn december 22 – january 19

    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    You treat a difficult person kindly and you may be surprised at the positive response from this person in the future. This is not a person that is always rude, just a person that may not be thoughtful. You know where you stand with this person and always get an honest answer. Before much time passes, you may have a new friend. Lean and mean is a structured environment you may be looking forward to when it comes to business, yours or that of the business for which you work. Kind is good but honest is better. Now it is time to introduce a gentle kindness along with an organized work environment. This is the beginning of new goals for you in this workplace, perhaps your own secret goals for success. Happy birthday!

    Daily capricorn december 22 – january 19

    Work gets underway with productive results. You are inventive and original. Learning and communicating are what it takes to move forward. On a personal level, you may find that the finances will start to get a bit sluggish–but not impossible. Plan for budgets and when something attractive comes to your attention, you will be able to purchase it. Good humor wins out over anything confusing today. You may want to plan a get-together with some of your friends and stop by the gym on the way home for a little physical workout. This workout would benefit you best if it could be regular. If you are with a partner, get out and go to a fun play or movie this evening. Stay abreast of the happenings in your city through your internet connection.

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