Daily Leo

Birthday daily leo july 23 – august 22

Thursday, August 17, 2017

congratulations on your vision and your insight. Challenges keep us alert and creative. In recognizing a challenge or injustice, your job is to help find someone to follow through and regain control. You might leave a scene too soon without realizing you can help. You must understand that involved in the recognition of a problem is the duty to bring awareness. Help can come through finding a spokesperson or representative for any positive changes. The professional view from your position now is good and you know what to do to make any adjustments you deem necessary for the future. A little magical, imaginative and creative, you will enjoy the plans your many friends have for you this day. Happy birthday!

Daily leo july 23 – august 22

This is a good time for clear deliberation and solving any problems. You are in a serious frame of mind and may find yourself dealing successfully with matters of much concern. You are a solid supporter, always gravitating to the heart of things. You may have trouble with motivation, but once rolling, others better step aside. You have a stick-to-it attitude that may find you, as usual, toughing it out in the thick of things. Try not to add to your responsibilities now since it would be easy to experience a burnout. New partnerships are entered into; old ones are renewed or left behind. Cooperation is the secret to success here. Take a little trip, or get outside today. You may want to break that routine during the day and try something new to ease the stress.

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