• Daily Pisces Horoscope

    Birthday daily pisces february 19 – march 20

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Your production level at work is good and higher-ups are noticing your overall improvement. Keep up the good work–rewards are near. Easy on the emotions today; an irritating person is pushing the limits with you but it is not something you can do anything about so just keep moving forward. Find some other space to move your concentration into for a time. Think about what the scene you are looking at now would look like if you put the scene on canvas. Your sense of humor is good and will come into play to create a good end for this moment in time. A yearning to broaden your horizons may find you involved in a travel book this afternoon. Something you do out of fun this evening is contagious! Happy birthday!

    Daily pisces february 19 – march 20

    Mental organization and discipline may not be in the cards today. You may be in deep thought one moment, see a bird outside and then forget completely what you had been thinking earlier. It may not be a spring scene that has your mind wandering but just the need to escape the hard work you perform each day. Do not forget about the habit of exercise. Your energetic routine calls for a relief of stress and weight lifting could be good way for you to build strength and stamina. You will also find a return of mental focus as you exercise the body. You may have company in your living surroundings this afternoon that will bring warm moments of friendship and some great conversations your way. Your talents are recognized.

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