Birthday daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hard work and determination are your best foot forward this monday. Co-workers have a lot to say to you but you are good at multitasking by listening and tending to the company needs at the same time. Your career has been in the spotlight this year and will soon settle into a good rhythm so that you will be able to keep your steady flow of work moving. Give yourself a gift today by ordering an astrological chart and step ahead to view this coming birth year. There is a yearning for the stimulation of new ideas which may find you checking out the library at the noon break or after your workday ends. Friends listen to your needs and help with ideas that will move you forward in your career. Tonight, loved ones want to help you celebrate. Happy birthday!

Daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

Just as soon as you walk through the doors of your workplace, you may realize how much your experience and education is in demand. A little extra work today may pique your curiosity at just how well you can perform. Your management abilities are in high focus. Instant gratification is one of the temptations to which you are subject now: when you want things, you want them now. This is a kind of focus that emphasizes the making and spending of money. Learning what really counts is an important lesson. Everything conspires to reveal you at your most elegant, particularly in social situations this evening. You will have a grasp for abstract and spiritual ideas and the ability to present or communicate these to others. Romance is possible this evening.


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