Daily Scorpio

Birthday daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Too many things distract you today. You will, however, be successful in completing your goals if you can stay focused. It comes to your attention that someone wants to give you the lessons for swimming, deep-sea diving or simply . . . Some fun crochet projects. Hobbies have a way of giving us a timeout period and that is what you are hoping for now. You are building beautiful possibilities for your future and although you have an idea of where you want your future to go, it would be good to take these hobby breaks from time to time so that your can become reenergized. An important project in the workplace will need better focus now and an important project in your personal life will need a little more financial adjustment. Happy birthday!

Daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

By the end of this day you will find yourself going over the events of the day. You may wonder whether you took advantage of all the opportunities to perform your work to your best ability. It is important to you that you put your best foot forward as you may suspect your company could soon be looking for a new supervisor and you know you are ready for that responsibility. You might check to see if any new jobs have been posted within the company before you make a nervous wreck out of yourself. You may be pleased with your review of the day and a positive attitude is the best for your mind, body and spirit. You and a close friend may be talking about taking an interesting class soon; do more than talk about it . . . Dive in and enjoy!


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