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Birthday daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

Friday, October 24, 2014

Travel is something you do not do often and the only way you feel that you could be extravagant and really go to some of the fun places you have always dreamed of seeing would be to hold down an extra job. You are not the first to pick up a newspaper route or tutoring job to achieve this sort of dream. A friend or family member may want to join you in this endeavor and if you asked others, you might be surprised at the positive response to begin now and build a travel fund. Perhaps you can all get a decoration team going and charge to put up lights for the coming holiday season or shop for seniors, etc. You can all start planning a trip for early next year. Family or friends have plans that will make you smile. Happy birthday!

Daily scorpio october 24 – november 21

Opinions are a keynote of the new phase you have begun–the power of ideas and the power they wield over people. Religious, cultural or philosophical controversies and crusades have a way of stirring your blood; careful to whom you express your ideas while in the workplace. There may be great mental activity and heightened communication with others. Intellectualism, the exchange of ideas and the idea of being smart as a fox are the things that have special appeal and importance just now. This afternoon presents a wonderful time to enjoy a little time out-of-doors. You will do well in activities that include young people and your neighborhood. Friends or family gather later this evening for a fun dinner together–there is a lot of chatter around the table.


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