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I have had several. One of them I share with my wife. We were driving to Lake Tahoe and our truck over heated. we pulled off on an exit that was wooded. As I worked on the truck. I felt like someone was in the woods below the road. I turned and saw a woman wearing an old dress from pioneer days. My wife and I said hi and told her we would be on our way soon. (my wife and I both felt like we had intruded on her home) The ladies mouth moved but we could not hear her. We turned away for a second and back to her and she was gone. End. The thing that happens the most to me is when I think of a loved one that has passed and I ask a question I hear their voice answer. Still no lottery numbers … GRIN!

By An anonymous reader

One day me and my sister an brother were watching a movie in my room which at the time was an atic room. The movie had finished and I got up to get us more popcorn I stood up an (me an my sister were awake my brother was sleeping) we here hard stomps up the stairs to my room. Earlier that night my mom had left to go out for the night. I go check what it was call out for my mom look and see my room door was open when I had it closed. look around the house all the windows were locked doors locked my dog had not barked outside the hOuse was empty besides us three. The stomps didn’t come again an they never went down stairs just up

By An anonymous reader
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