• Psychic Survey

    Are you paranormally abnormal or psychically incorrect? This informal psychic survey is being conducted for information to assist me with my teaching and for your information. Your story is just as important as the survey because I want to understand the emotions behind what has happened in your life as well as the psychic part of it.

    (For instance, when I had a near death experience, no one knew at the time but my doctor. This was only because he asked me when I was still in the hospital. Since I had died on his table, he had become a little inquisitive about the reason and also a little upset. Feeling as if I needed to hide the experience just as I had my psychic ability, I was quiet about it for years.)

    Please feel free to share your experience with me. Tell me where, when, and how it happened. Fill in all the details. I want to know every thing about the occurrence.

    Thank you in advance for your participation!

    If you want to describe your psychic or paranormal event to us in detail please do so below:

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