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Da Juana – what a lovely person you are! I just finished reading your bio, and thank you for wanting to share your God-given talent. Feelings of so much evil and sadness has been very palpable to me lately, and you reminded me to stop and take a look-seed, and that God is omnipresent and He is with me always. I appreciate that peace of mind very much.
Kindest regards,

A S, New Mexico

I have followed your page for many, many years and love all you offer to people who visit your site! I have tried the Dominoes Oracle, Numerology, Daily readings, and Rune Casts! Because of recent developments in my personal life – I frequent your site almost daily – seeking answers or just trying to find peace and solace, knowing that things will get better over time! I would like to ask for your prayers, as I take things one day at a time. . I appreciate your time and may God Bless you today and always! 🙂


I would like to commend you Da Juana, for writing The Four Things You’re (I’m) Doing to Tick Off the Universe and How to Correct It!

I’m no more special than other readers, but you have to love it when a copy of your work sits unread in a file on someones hard drive, until the time that it would have the most direct impact to help him. (I’m feeling a little roughed up- …and spoiled!)

I was referencing something else on my computer, and found this little e-book, which I had downloaded weeks prior, and forgotten about (slap acknowledged- ha!) so I stopped to open, and read it. You really rubbed my face in my own ____, my negativity, which I formed in detail, in an email to a family member earlier today, was the unwitting start – of undoing what I had consciously created in my life recently- I know because I’ve done it before – and you reminded me head on; of what I was starting to do again. There’s this habit of falling back on worry and discontent- (knowing better isn’t living better, is it?). You know I turned it right back around because you called me out. Thank you. I felt sorry for myself and had wanted to find a counselor or life coach who could advise, while knowing my CIRCUMSTANCES – You sure do, right at their root!

You deserve the satisfaction you feel, when you learn how people benefit from what you write.

I’m throwing in a big hug for good measure!


Wow…you’re wonderful! I’ve read many astrology forecasts, and you really pin it!
How can I get a compatibility/reading with my and a partners birthdays?

J K/New Jersey
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