• Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

    Birthday weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    You may find yourself repeating a process only to look at the results and repeat the process again. You don’t believe in doing anything if you can’t do it the right way; however, this friday there may be many ways to accomplish an end result. There is some insight or feeling that this saturday is the time for final decisions and completed projects. Although the evening is just for you, there are many times when you ask to be helpful; stop, relax and enjoy. You are all about encouragement. Happy birthday!

    Weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    An electronic glitch could lower your productivity this sunday morning, but the problem is soon fixed. Through your free, independent thinking, attractive personality, kindliness and ability to be all things to all people, you make many people happy to be in your company. Your management and directional abilities are in high focus this monday and although you may prefer to socialize, the energies are not right for small talk. This is a time when you can expect a little boost, some extra support or recognition from those around you. The feeling for this tuesday is the need to stay focused. You feel good about the results of some long-term project coming to an end soon. You should find this wednesday a time of good fortune. You may be sought after for your advice and counsel regarding a business issue this thursday. You will be able to handle the problem. You are able to find the cause and lend some guidance. The more you give attention to your job and help your co-workers this friday, the more you prosper. You catch up on paperwork this afternoon. You complete the remainder of your tasks quickly. This saturday is a day of harmonious communication. Now is the best time to talk about whatever is on your mind.

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