• Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

    Weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    Relaxing and enjoying this sunday is in order. You could find yourself a bit pensive around others, but work around the house or in the yard can actually help to refurbish your energies. You may seem agreeable this monday but something has your mind whirling within. You could be trying to understand a person or situation in order to know the truth of a matter. This tuesday is the day you could plan for a new way of living or a new habit. Go about your day with a list in hand and have a purpose in mind so that you do not sway from your goal. This could encompass a new job identity, a new diet, an undertaking to stop smoking, etc. Your professional routine moves along at a good pace this wednesday. Creative accomplishments will also be successful. During the noon break, you and a co-worker may share a memory or two of interesting travel experiences. This thursday is a vital day. There are lots of energy and lots of action surrounding your activities. You may feel focused and even a bit radiant. A surprising bit of news comes to you this friday from reading or hearing some current event. Until this saturday, work and bad weather may have prevented the maintenance that was needed around your living quarters.

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