• Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

    Birthday weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    Sunday, January 22, 2017

    A garden shop or nursery may have just the plants you want for a big color exhibit at your house next spring–at least this sunday you can plan. Mountain climbing, parachuting or deep-sea diving may have been in your past but this monday you are looking for new challenges. Going into work this tuesday morning is a fun happening! You are in control and you look forward to the work that needs accomplishing; after all, it is the best attitude to take. Surprises happen all day and many of those surprises come from you. Get your cheerful self motivated to focus toward your work this wednesday. You might rather stay distracted with someone’s update of a love life, but it would be best to stay the course, particularly where your work is concerned. Your determination pays off this thursday. A new project or a new technical method fascinates and consumes your curiosity and challenges you to quickly learn new techniques. There is a universal energy this friday, for inventions, ideas, creative ventures, investors that back these projects and invitations to join in the enthusiasm. A bookstore or hobby shop is the place where you want to be this saturday. This day is about fun and you being creative. Happy birthday!

    Weekly aquarius january 20 – february 18

    You will have some good news on an increase in money but do not go spending it until you see the green paper in your hands this sunday. Turn to some form of music at this time. Perhaps you play the harmonica or you dance. A day of feeling blocked may spur an inventive mood this monday–others could learn a great deal from watching your progress. This tuesday brings about positive changes in security, savings, expenses, cost of living and the changes you and others are trying to make happen. This is one of your best overall days. Admire your own successes and begin this wednesday to help others become independent. Music is likely to play a more important role for you than usual at this time. You will be extremely diligent this thursday. No stranger to hard work–you are successful in your profession. You have a grateful attitude. Drama, however, is the word for this friday. You will get your messages across with flair, and everyone will remember that you made the suggestions–especially when you add dramatic illustrations. The way things have normally been achieved in the past may not be working this saturday. It is time to change your style, or perhaps, update your work. There may be an advisor to help you make changes.

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