• Weekly Cancer Horoscopes

    Weekly cancer june 22 – july 22

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    The challenges you face this sunday are survivable and negotiable. You have a clear-minded insight into your own plans and methods. This monday is a good time to enroll in a night school or take a correspondence course. You are unusually self-assertive with all the proper finesse that happily sways people to your way of thinking. Your impish sense of humor is showing this tuesday. You may find that your peers and co-workers hold you in high esteem because of your ability to lighten up and aim high. You may feel like breaking away from the usual routine this wednesday. One of your life lessons is the appreciation of self, with the ability to appraise yourself honestly. You may be working through this thursday until the late afternoon. All this study or work may create the need to take some time to get into the habit of stretching or rotating muscles to relieve whatever stress accumulates. Someone seeks advice from you this friday, but before you administer an opinion, check all the facts as there could be something you might have missed. It could be important to do some serious thinking about your work or career this saturday, particularly if you feel it is inadequate. Plan before you act and have clearly defined objectives.

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