Weekly Cancer Horoscopes

Weekly Cancer June 22 – July 22

Sunday, August 13, 2017

everything points to your taking the controls this sunday. Fun times with friends, family or both can be enjoyed now. You have support from your loved ones. This monday will be a bit different from the rest of this week. You may find someone hard to understand–this could be a customer. Your wisdom and not your emotions will prove the winner here. No lack of energy or drive here–nothing can stand in your way this tuesday. This evening is a good time to visit a friend. You are called out to do a special job this wednesday. You eventually see an advantage to this singular request. Issues of pride, mastery and appreciation become more and more central to your life’s path. There is a sense of support and harmony before you even walk out the door this thursday. Your business and your social life encourage each other. You are quick to tend to chores early this friday morning so the rest of this day can be productive. You can be quite happy when others do not try to change your surroundings. There is a clear-minded insight into your own plans and methods this saturday. Much stability and available opportunities are coming your way. This is a very good time to make decisions and plans and communicate your goals.

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