Weekly Gemini Horoscopes

Weekly Gemini May 21 – June 21

Sunday, June 25, 2017

as a natural architect and builder, you are able to use your mind in making decisions regarding matters of form this sunday. For you, the goal and the way to get to it are the same thing. Success is indicated this monday in areas of education, politics or the law. You know how to attack and solve problems, whether they are personal or public. You could be receiving attention from your superiors this tuesday. You review, preview and work on a presentation that represents your point of view. Could this even be the time to draw up a proposal for that raise or advancement to another part of the companyyou are a genius at bringing out the best in others and this is something you take great pride in for this wednesday. Teaching, translating and conducting a tour or an orchestra are just a few of the things in which you could excel. This thursday you express one of your strong talents, which is to manage people that are successful. Your motto is to keep your eye on the goal and remain coordinated and focused on your own success. Ambition is where your objective is focused this friday morning.