Weekly Gemini Horoscopes

Weekly Gemini May 21 – June 21

Sunday, August 13, 2017

you are in top form when it comes to mental activities this sunday and this could be a time for real insights in the idea department. A call from a friend early this monday morning may have you busy trying to get out of your workday. When you do get to work you put a lot of energy into your work so that you can take off early to be with this friend or loved one. You may feel restricted in some way this tuesday–never fear, this is short term. Concentration on the work at hand and involving yourself with productive goals this wednesday will help ward off the urge to say what you feel. You could be an excellent teacher in areas requiring discipline. You have a lot of ideas to pour into career projects this thursday; however, there could be interruptions. You are able to size up a problem and come up with a solution. It is clear this friday that you would be able to manage an educational group or any type of business that needs the right coordinator. This could mean psychiatry, senior homes, etc. You will find yourself in the midst of group decisions. You are aggressive in the pursuit of gaining insight into all that is new, different and out of the ordinary this saturday. You may be entertaining this evening–enjoy.

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