Weekly Leo Horoscopes

Weekly Leo July 23 – August 22

Sunday, June 25, 2017

there is an emphasis on communication, expression of ideas and the connections between things, places and people this sunday. Do not start something new this afternoon–it could be a difficult time to gain a focus on your previous plans. Your love of groups and the social scene may find you cooperating within a group this monday, in order to accomplish some project. There is an opportunity to learn a new way of working this afternoon. Regardless of interruptions or amount of difficulty–the work you set out for yourself this tuesday morning is accomplished quickly. You may find yourself involved in a creative activity this afternoon. Progress in the workplace this wednesday is a miraculous thing this day as there are unusual circumstances. Financial transactions are favored this thursday. As a buyer or owner of a store, you may have researched a business or a product and found just what you want to stock in your own department. You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you and you enjoy your independent thinking. You are able to achieve a great deal all during this friday.