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    Weekly leo july 23 – august 22

    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    Others inspire you and you are good at listening to your dreams this sunday. It is time to adjust your life path in harmony with your highest needs. You can gain support for a personal project by finding people that have the same interest. There is a false sense of urgency this monday. You may feel that you want to dive into situations that are over your head–money matters or arguments may occur. You are moving ahead and finances are improving this tuesday. There is just one problem–the money just does not seem to stay around long enough to take root. This wednesday is one of your best days this month. You may find yourself in a remembering type of mood–thinking about old relationships, past vacations, past reunions, etc. You will assert yourself with confidence this thursday. Other people listen and see the importance of doing things your way and they will back you on your project. If you are working where there are tools this friday, you may become quite fascinated with an interesting new tool. This could be a tool to repair a product or a tool that will make something run better. Children and young people give you great pleasure this saturday. This time can be enjoyed with a hobby, school project or sharing time together.

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