• Weekly Libra Horoscopes

    Weekly libra september 23 – october 23

    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    This sunday marks a time when your personality and mode of living will be changeable. You are adaptable but should be careful not to overextend your time. Everything may be pouring in at once this monday and it’s all good news. Your career direction gets some encouragement and life’s problems find easy solutions. You can see new ways to make use of your position. You could be inclined to misapply your energy in projects or people this tuesday. There is a tendency to drain your energy, making you tired. However, this time also indicates great strides toward success and improvement. This wednesday is a time when you can make a real difference in the workplace. There is support and recognition from your co-workers. Events this thursday seem to line up in your favor to help push you over the top to new heights. A promotion or recognition for past accomplishments could be near. Your interest in professional success is powerful and this friday you may inspire co-workers and friends to great accomplishments. This saturday morning you wake up with great ideas and will want to get to pen and paper as quickly as possible. Creating a focus and a plan may include the involvement of a family member or friend.

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