Weekly Libra Horoscopes

Weekly Libra September 23 – October 23

Sunday, August 13, 2017

family members may want your input on some difficult questions this sunday morning. You could be accepting, nurturing and intent on providing a base or place where growth takes place. This is a good day and close relationships can become even closer. The business world is an open book for you–easy to read. This monday could be a period of great material gain; it is certainly a time when material things have a great deal of importance for you. Take your time in making any final decisions this tuesday–work with the truth, not the emotions. A leadership role is a compelling force in your job and this wednesday is the time to begin to ask questions about how one might achieve this position. You may be dealing with many people this thursday–perhaps customers, perhaps employees. You know just what to do and can help others through the difficult work situations. You could be guiding young people in a tour of your company this friday morning. You are a very feeling person and can sense the drift of a conversation in order to quickly surmise what is needed. Your ambitions go hand in hand with communication and using the mind and the two should never be far apart this saturday.

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