Weekly Pisces Horoscopes

Weekly Pisces February 19 – March 20

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This sunday you may step out with ideas that your family has never approached before. This may involve a volunteer project for the whole family or perhaps an opportunity for the family to join a team sports group. Your positivism this monday lets you get right to the point and you have little patience with those who waste time. This tuesday is a very lucky day for making plans or decisions and finding your way through just about any problem you may discover. If you like to expand or extend your home and family in some way, this might just be the time to do it. You value hard work and effort and will go about completing your designated tasks as quickly as possible this wednesday. You like to get down to the bare bones–to what is essential. This thursday may be a bit frustrating emotionally, but you are able to rise above any frustrations and see situations as the temporary interruptions that they are. A legal situation needs your attention and you know exactly who will help with the proper counsel. Life can be very demanding when it comes to what is essential or central to a situation this friday. This is a good saturday to accomplish much. Good eye-hand coordination makes almost any task run well.

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