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    Weekly sagittarius november 22 – december 21

    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    Feeling two ways at once takes up most of this sunday. For example, although many things are positive, quite a few problems present themselves as well. Your childlike expectations may have to be examined, particularly if you are to turn short-term relationships into long-term ones. You may feel blocked this monday as others could make it difficult for you to express yourself. Bide your time and amazing things happen. A problem is solved, a phone call is supportive and an afternoon snack is yummy, etc. This is a smooth-running tuesday. Business is a major theme and you are up for any of the roller-coaster events. This wednesday is a time for ideas and thinking. After you put some final changes on a business plan, you may see an increase in business, but generally, the flow of money stays about the same. Pleasure and popularity are your bywords this thursday. You may rise early this morning to join a bicycle team or fast-walking team for some fun exercise. There will be beneficial opportunities at work and through co-workers this friday that will help you capitalize on some moneymaking matters. Family, home, relatives and real estate come into play when you create your plans this saturday.

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