Weekly Scorpio Horoscopes

Weekly Scorpio October 24 – November 21

Sunday, August 13, 2017

there are confidence, faith and a leaning toward taking chances this sunday. This is a time of exploring the nearest countryside. Perhaps a drive through the country or a trip to a lake and the surrounding forest is in order. This monday is a rewarding day. Everything you do turns out positive and constructive. You work well with those in authority who are independent and original and this day you will find the opportunity to work with senior business people. There is a yearning to broaden your horizons this tuesday. Your career direction gets some encouragement and life’s problems should find easy solutions. This wednesday is a high-cycle day when you may find yourself signing contracts, making arrangements and scurrying around on time schedules. A phone call brings positive news this evening. This thursday is a time to have new thoughts and sudden insights and to get an unexpected boost in the way you think, speak or write. Communications are facilitated. Go ahead and make those decisions this friday. You can see the road ahead and will make all the right choices. A customer is very pleased with your choices. You are called on to make use of your own special talents in the workplace this saturday.

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