• Weekly Scorpio Horoscopes

    Weekly scorpio october 24 – november 21

    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    You are particularly energetic this sunday and involving yourself with some form of vigorous exercise early this morning will properly channel this energy. After you exercise you and a friend may enjoy a massage or some time in a sauna or hot tub. You will make career gains this monday by your ability to be creative and to solve problems. This tuesday is a time when your spirituality is aroused, making you more philosophical and compassionate about the less fortunate. Ventures of groundbreaking insight will be stimulating and successful. Make it a point to set aside time this wednesday and each day to involve yourself with work of the creative kind and then your workdays will seem to flow along even better than they do now. Your taste in art is enhanced. You will find yourself ready and interested in the work this thursday. Professional decisions are straightforward and easy to make. Circumstances should work together this friday to help you bring out your philosophies and make it easier to make your dreams a reality. You may find yourself helping another person see a good instead of a negative. You are able to bring a group together this saturday with words or ideas that transport others. You may teach young people.

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