Weekly Scorpio Horoscopes

Weekly Scorpio October 24 – November 21

Sunday, June 25, 2017

this sunday there is a love of the sea and of whatever solves that which separates us. Mysticism, mythology, poetry and music are natural and you are quite talented. You naturally gravitate toward positions of power and authority this monday. Success is indicated in religion, education, politics or the law. You may find yourself counseling or ministering to others this tuesday. This may mean you will be helping or guiding young people, lecturing, tutoring or giving some orientation presentation. Keep an open mind and learn all you can this wednesday, but do not take everything you hear for gospel. You may take action this day, when an issue dear to your heart comes to your attention. Your theories are good but facts will get you support for what you want to accomplish. Your drive and emotions take conservative, well-traveled paths this thursday, carefully avoiding the new and different. This is the best day this month to practice stretching outside your comfort zone. You look for ways to lend a helping hand this friday. You may have an opportunity to pay special attention to one or two customers.