Weekly Taurus Horoscopes

Weekly Taurus April 20 – May 20

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Like a fish in water, when in the limelight or in a group, you have an innate social charm and this talent saves the day this sunday. You find opportunities to laugh. Your common sense is required this monday when someone wants to involve you in a fantastic deal! This tuesday you express a flair for description–the artistic in all its many forms–and there is an inner sense of warmth and goodness with the ability to express this. The workplace is full of new things to learn this wednesday. You may find yourself putting on the speed to complete projects. Positive things happen while working with others this thursday. Some may see helping a co-worker is negative but you jump to the request in order to show off your skills. Things are happening and your career or path depends on your own passion, which is strong now. General good feelings just happen this friday. You are unusually happy. The atmosphere is light and luck seems to bless all of your relationships. Others may not be as grateful as you would like them to be with regard to the emotional, financial or other help you so readily give this saturday. Perhaps the recognition you seek would be achieved through exercising your natural talents.

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