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Weekly virgo august 23 – september 22

Friday, May 1, 2015 --- Saturday, May 9, 2015

This friday might be a good time to look into some new professional challenges. You are inspired to move ahead. Practical decisions come easily this saturday–particularly as you find yourself presented with some very nice products to sell or trade. You are most persuasive with others. Others respect you and you are right where you need to be this sunday. You strengthen each other and give each other support and encouragement. A little restraint this monday could really pay off in the future. In other words, you may have to start at the bottom of a new company before you will be able to prove yourself and reach your goals. Be encouraged however; circumstances all around you are favorable. After making sure you have the authority, try this tuesday to delegate the work that slows you down and keeps you from reaching the main goal. You have an increased influence over others and must not be afraid to seek assistance. Positive energies this wednesday are stirring with regard to your career or life path. Moderation is the right answer this thursday. Be sure to keep an open mind about all ideas or proposals, paying attention to all the details involved. You take surprises rather well this friday and may show your wisdom in allocating your time in ways that accomplish more than most. There is hard work and responsibility, both in salvaging some endeavors that appear to be failing and in branching out in new directions this saturday.

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