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Weekly virgo august 23 – september 22

Friday, January 1, 2016 --- Saturday, January 9, 2016

Working with others and excelling in a particular project can prove to be quite enjoyable this friday. Your saturday is full of plans. Regular diet, exercise and personal chores will help create a happier you. Religion, law, politics, travel and higher education are some of the areas where you might invest your time this sunday. Later, you will find that affection and optimistic attitudes are just oozing from the atmosphere. It may be time this monday to look at the quality of work you produce and the payment you receive. Taking care of business is a major theme where your intentions are this tuesday. Any old preholiday problems regarding work and health may be best taken care of or settled now. This wednesday, you and your co-worker friends may seek answers to some long-unanswered questions. Finding the answer to some of your questions will have you wondering where the time went. You could be experiencing some emotional changes this thursday as you help a friend or relative with some difficult situation. Positive thinking can change your life in good ways and that is what you teach. Trust your own business sense this friday . . . Do not let someone talk you into something that you feel is not in the best interest of you or your family. Your understanding of some new equipment is miraculous. A love for the unusual may have you thinking about your normal routine this saturday morning. Unconventional romantic and social connections are likely now.

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