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Weekly virgo august 23 – september 22

Sunday, November 20, 2016 --- Saturday, November 26, 2016

You are a good friend and you enjoy being with your friends in an inspiring environment this sunday morning. You have insight into your emotions and you can talk about your feelings with great understanding. In-depth discussions find you at your mental best this monday. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. You are very motivated to improve your business or some problem in the work arena. This tuesday is a good time for clear deliberation and problem solving. A drive to find the answers to your questions this wednesday may find you examining and working through some problems that have lingered far too long on your desk. Push too hard and you could put yourself into some stress–however, this thursday you might find a co-worker willing to help you work a trade. When this co-worker needs help you have the opportunity to return the favor. Your tendency to compromise and settle for less than you dreamed can be a problem this friday. Given the opportunity, you may choose the path of least resistance. Career moves must be given special attention. You are interested in the telecommunications industry and may find yourself studying the emerging new technologies and products this saturday.

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