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Weekly virgo august 23 – september 22

Sunday, July 12, 2015 --- Saturday, July 18, 2015

You have a built-in sense of what is expected of you this sunday, even without guidance. On this day you may find yourself thrown into a job in which you will need to take control. This monday is a time for new accomplishments, during which insights and breakthroughs are in order. There is an evolution within the established order, when new ideas and ways to use the product become clear. This tuesday may call for a bit of imagination, resourcefulness and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking. You are successful in anything you attempt to do at this time. The emphasis is on power, intensity and dealings with those in authority. You are at your mental best when called upon to solve problems this wednesday, perhaps in some customer service job. This evening is a good time to celebrate and get away from the slaying of dragons–recharge your batteries! You will have positive attention through your accomplishments this thursday. There is a degree of thriftiness to you this friday. This is a propitious time to weigh the pros and cons of any business venture or investment. Resist the temptation to live beyond your means. You are determined to make progress this saturday. Good for you–you have found new ways to serve others.

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