• Taurus Zodiac Signs in Horoscopes

    (April 20 – May 20)

    Taurus Personality traits:

    Taurus people have two important traits, patience and reliability. Taurus need a stable, secure and material background. Emotional and material security is necessary for this warm-hearted and loving individual. Common sense is one of their stronger characteristics compounded with a persistent and determined nature.


    The Taurus mind is methodical, careful and decisive. Once they have made a decision, it is rare they change their minds. Not looking for short cuts, they make their way down the proven path.

    With their natural charm, they endear others to them. Their soft voices give good advice to those who will listen. They seem to find people in need because those people usually seek the good Taurus out. And it could be because Taurus have such good shoulders to cry on.

    Taurus needs someone with whom they can share their lives. They also seek calm in relationships. Emotional sanctuary is vital to them. When there is tension in their home, they and those they love can expect a bumpy ride. Sudden flares of temper are not uncommon and they can put some oomph behind their temper when they have to.

    When a Taurus loves, they love hard. Relations with another are intense and passionate but they can also become complacent. One flaw in their personality may be that they tend to become possessive of the person they love. Woe unto that person or any other who tries to come between them and their chosen companion. At that point one might find out what it feels like to be charged by a thousand pound bull. This is perhaps one of their worst faults. Possession can lead to jealousy.

    Under stable circumstances, Taurus are loving and kind. Eager to express love generously creates a situation which makes others want to be in their good graces. They open their lovely homes to others readily but just as readily want their homes back in order again without visitors. A strong family life and tradition is very important to the Taurus They love comfortable, secure home lives. It is a must for the reliable Taurus.

    Loving routine, they may sometimes be considered boring, though they are not. They have become complacent instead.

    As an infant, they generally smile at everyone and try to please their parents in the process. Caring for a Taurus infant is usually a pleasure. They learn in a thorough manner. Discipline is important for this child because they need a structured environment.

    Taurus do not like to take risks. They like a steady source of income but want the material success. Stress comes to them when they are not sure from where their next dollar will come. Because of this fact, many Taurus accept work they really don’t like. Their interest in money is not just practical but emotional as well. Careers in banking, insurance and the stock exchange are all good jobs for them. They have a naturally strong business sense. Agriculture, or anything to do with the outdoors, is good for them.

    Many professional musicians are Taurus.

    Needing a steady routine, they are not very good at change because it can be emotionally disturbing. This does not keep them from being good planners though and once they have a plan are eager to develop it.

    Retirement is something a good Taurus looks forward to if they have enough money to live the good life. Even at this, they need something to keep them busy.

    Taurus loves food and therefore, may put weight on easily. A reasonable diet is essential for them. They tend to move slowly but love games.

    Taurus Keywords:

    Taurus Symbol:
    The bull

    Taurus Ruling Planet:

    Taurus Part of the body it rules:
    The throat and neck and the thyroid gland

    Taurus Gemstone it rules:

    Taurus Color it rules:
    Pale blue
    Pastel shades in general

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