Astrology and Your Horoscope Helps You To Find Wealth

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Generally wealth has to do with achieving some sort of material goals and this usually comes from the career you choose unless you’re one of the lucky ones born into family fortunes. Heredity brings with it another set of spiritual lessons and a different look at your astrology. Most though are not fortunate enough to have been born into families laden with material success.

Because of that we need to consider the best employment we can utilize to make us wealthy, healthy and happy. You thought I’d say wise but that comes with other aspects of life too. Being healthy and happy aids in your career whatever it may be. You can have the best career in the world but if you’re unhappy you can develop disease because of your unhappiness. Then you’re no better off than someone who has nothing. After all, you can’t take it with you when you die. And getting to the point of death can be horrible.

For that reason, determine the best career choice for yourself and go after it with gusto. Then enjoy your life. While you’re enjoying your life a different kind of wealth is there. As you know wealth isn’t always material but that has a lot to do with making you happy. When you don’t have bills piling up and creditors calling you can live an easier if not better life. When you can afford to go out occasionally and enjoy being with friends, that’s true wealth.


Knowing what you want in life is the best advice anyone can give. Realizing that your astrology can assist you in that knowledge is truly a God-send.

You’re born and grow up knowing your innermost personality traits. Using Astrology you can go the extra mile to understand why you have those characteristics. This is an aid to your learning the best manner in which to harness those personality traits to make you realize your goals towards material victory. With that one extra tool in your arsenal you’ll be able to contribute to your success and hopefully wealth.

Find Wealth Using Your Astrology and Horoscope will give you some of the astrology tools needed to help you make intelligent decisions on your own expectations in which to mold your career and make the best choices. Astrology encompasses your whole natal chart, progressions and aspects. To make it easier for you we’ll look at your Sun Sign and Ascendant more closely than anything else. Because astrology can go on and on without you’re really ever learning it all, we’re simplifying in a big way.

You realize by now that you need to have your personalized astrology in order to get the best results for your work.

While using astrology can help you get further in your chosen career you know that you need to work strongly at your job in order to achieve the success you crave. Regardless of sign you can only achieve the accomplishments you desire by sincere thought and work. Sign does, however, matter in that some have more work ethic than others.

The Zodiac and your Occupation

YOUR ASTROLOGY Also HELPS YOU TO get into an occupation that utilizes your best qualities AND THAT is the best way in which to accomplish your goals. For instance good communicators are generally Gemini and Virgo’s with their Mercury influence. So those people do well in groups where they have to get their points across such as media, sales, teaching health fields and the list is endless for good communication skills. As you can tell different signs help in different areas. But remember that you might have the Big Three, Sun, Moon and Ascendant, giving more strength to your chart.

If you’re an employer you might want to look at your employee’s Astrology to see what type worker them may be. Take a negative Cancer trait and that is that they can become lazy. On the other side of the coin they may find the best way in which to accomplish their goals. This is simply because any sign can have detrimental influences that can be turned a positive influence. If you want a caring employee then the Cancer and the Pisces is person. In the health field these people excel.

For ambitious people you might try the pioneering Aries. They’re always up for a challenge. Letting these people sell on commission is right up their alley. Aries tends to like getting what they want but have the negative side effect of being procrastinators. They can also be quick thinking and decisive just as some Gemini’s and Sagittarius can. And the Taurus, like Aries, has a need to make money but for different reasons. Aries enthusiastic get-going attitude can bring a team-like atmosphere into your business with friendly competition although the Aries is really only competing with themselves.

Honesty in an employee might come through the Aries who can’t be bothered with lies for which they have no time or through a Capricorn or Leo who figures it’s beneath their dignity to be anything but honest.

If you’re looking for tact, then a Libra is your person. Born diplomats, they want to make everyone happy which means they’re the one standing unhappily on the sidelines sometimes.

Disciplined employees are a sought after commodity and they come in the earthy Taurus and the Capricorn. More detail oriented employees are the Virgos, the accountants of the Zodiac who can be very blunt, and Scorpios. Give them something to find on another and they’re all into it.

Taurus has the patience of Job when it comes to getting what they desire in job growth and material gain although they may not appear to be like this because of their energetic approach. Imagine a bull pawing at the ground making its decision on how to kill the bull fighter. Their logical attitudes to business matters make them a great candidate for any career that needs practicality, endurance and patience.

Cancer and Scorpios are shrewd. These two signs can leave some unsuspecting souls wondering just how a critical move was taken with their being involved but without their complete comprehension of the manner in which they agreed to participate. On the negative side, these signs may be seen as scheming and manipulative. You see how it works.

Know too that if you have a career that doesn’t give you all you wish then you’d better use your spare time to prompt your life loves. Being in a job that you hate can cause health issues so you want to do what makes you feel better after work.

With that in mind know that being the boss isn’t always easy for most signs of the Zodiac because it means that you’re lonely and have to make hard decisions. If you’re prone to wishy-washy behavior as perhaps a Libra may be at times, then you might have problems with being the person at the top. Other strong natal chart aspects may help that Libra with creating the attitude needed in order to persevere as the man or woman at the top. So see it’s not just about the Sun Sign.

Your Ascendant has many of the same qualities that your Sun Sign does. So in the workforce looking at your Ascendant can give you insight into what your work or those you may hire will be like. Here is a list of those qualities and the best work related jobs.

The Zodiac makes you money

Aries-Anything which shows off their powerful, assertive, physical energy and their enthusiastic demeanor such as business owners, love anything having to do with structure such as the armed forces, banking, any job with authority such as doctor or lawyer, media consultant, sports coach or agent and anything having to do with sales.

Taurus-Anything creative that has an earthy touch such as scientist, singer, retailing, truck driver, horticulturist, financial advisor, real estate, engineering and anything having to do with creating firm foundations on which to grow and on which they can make the money they desire.

Gemini-Anything having to do with communications, bartender, teacher, children’s story writer or any type author, disc jockey, traveling sales person and any job that gives them the ability to express themselves.

Cancer-Anything that has to do with caring for others, nursing industry, grocer, advertising fields, insurance agent, minister, chef and any career that gives them the ability to see what they’ve accomplished in life.

Leo-Anything that allows them the ability to show off their talents, perhaps professional sports or acting, dancer, makeup artist, filmmaker, and any job that gives them the ability to show their creative talents and get the accolades for them.

Virgo-Anything that allows them the ability to use their critical judgment, a judge, accountant, bricklayer or builder, literary agent, analyst, historian or doctor and any job that gives them the ability to assert their practical side and energy.

Libra-Anything that allows them the ability to use their diplomatic flair and eye for beauty, decorator, florist, fashion, arbitrator, engineering, air or cruise lines and any job that lets their lively, affectionate appreciation of luxury shine through.

Scorpio-Anything that allows their high energy to be utilized, banking, mining, detective work, family planning, parole officer, automotive industry and any job that doesn’t get in the way of their determination to make it the best.

Sagittarius-Anything that allows their broadminded intellect to have its way, farmer, college professor, lecturer, publicity, translator and any job that utilizes practical vision and emotional energy.

Capricorn-Anything that allows Capricorns ambition to excel, executive, business owner, stock exchange, environmentalist, architect, scientific researcher, mortgage broker and any job that doesn’t interfere with their practical, cautious outlook.

Aquarius-Anything that allows this inventive personality free range, glassblower, scientist, doctor, electrical engineer, airlines, astronomy and anything having to do with space, meteorologist and any job that is creative and allows this free thinker the ability to be a little stubborn.

Pisces-Anything that allows their intuitive side access, charity worker, social worker, visiting nurse, dress designer, record industry, illustrator, teacher, and any job that allows the kind, emotional side of these sensitive but strong people to come out.

Though the Zodiac show that there are more kinds of careers to consider than you might have thought, there are still so many more. Taking into consideration your complete Natal  Chart or Birth Report and how your Zodiac Sign relates could help you really hone in on your best occupation or employee and it’ll still be very close to what you see here.

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