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Birthday Weekly

Birthday Weekly libra September 23 – October 23

Sunday, October 15, 2017

you may be watching little children play or may see a beautiful view from one of your windows this sunday–you become quickly involved in creating a poem. Many hours of work go into research this monday and whether you are involved in the process of research or not, your interest in research is great. If you are not in business for yourself, you will be busy helping people in some way this tuesday. You are probably the head nurse, the principal in a school or a tour guide or you have some other service job. Professionally, this wednesday is a good day, not a big contact day but progress is made where you least expect it. A personal horoscope done just for you might give you new insights. This thursday you may decide to keep your creative work signed, dated and notarized for your own peace of mind. This will certainly give those that love to see your work the ability to exhibit your work safely. This friday you may decide to write a children’s book; you can certainly find grand ways to express yourself and your imagination is an excellent source to capture the attention of a young person. This saturday is a go-with-the-flow day and also an important time to have the camera handy. Happy birthday!

Birthday Weekly libra September 23 – October 23

this sunday, friends and family bring some fond memories of past childhood adventures. You enjoy cooking a large breakfast for the group and whether you are at home or camping out under the skies, you know just what to do to pull together a fantastic meal. There are opportunities at the noon break this monday to enjoy some time away from work; catch a breath. A co-worker may have a surprise for you at the noon break. Happy birthday!

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