Birthday Weekly

Birthday Weekly aries March 21 – April 19

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Aries, this sunday brings happy times with happy people; sit back, relax and enjoy! Someone expresses interest in a quirky way you do something; face it, you do come up with some pretty good ideas! This monday people fall all over themselves to make you day just right; being special means a great deal and you re grateful. You find something of value in a new shop later today. You help someone who s been there when you needed them. This could be the very best time in your life on tuesday as people reach out to you. There could be problems on wednesday when you don t agree on finances with someone close. Stand your ground and you have both worked hard, not just one! When thursday rolls around you could find that you re in a better mood. You make things better when someone causes an argument. On this friday you apply common sense that gets the project to a certain point. Teamwork is alive and well for your work environment, most definitely! Saturday brings fun times and the creation of some very strong, positive energy. You deserve all the best; prepare to receive it, Aries. Happy birthday!

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