What is Cancer in your Horoscope?


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Cancer is:

Cancer is both a constellation roaming the sky, your daily horoscope for Cancer and more in Cancer Astrology Zodiac Sign information. When your Cancer Astrology is calculated the results are it brings your horoscope to you daily with more Cancer Astrology too here at

Cancer Horoscope 2018


What is a Cancer Sign

When one asks “What is a Cancer Sign,” they’re referring to traditional astrology from which certain personality traits fit people born at a certain time and bring them their Sun Sign Horoscope.


Pictured in this sentence is your Cancer Zodiac Symbol in Astrology Cancer is a Zodiac Sign used in Astrology and Horoscopes..

Cancer Astrology Symbol is the Crab. Have you ever watched a crab at the ocean going after a desired item? Cancer like their Crab Zodiac Symbol will come after what they want in a myriad of ways if need be. They never give up. Another way you might look at this is Cancer is sensitive and will wait until the appropriate time to get even if hurt. The next thing you know after upsetting a Cancer is that his little crab zodiac symbol is taking smile bites out of you with the intention of eating the whole thing.

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And this is Cancer’s  Ruling Planet Moon Glyph in Astrology: 

The Moon

Myth has it that the Moon is feminine and beautiful but often as a cruel seductress as Circe seducing Odysseus.

The moon is associated with natural childbirth both in myth and astrology. She encourages natural, instinctive behavior in personalities.

The moon has a close connection with emotions and the digestive system. The moon can make one patient, changeable, narrow minded, imaginative, sympathetic and sometimes totally unreliable.

The Moon is the second of the lights in astrology which holds great information on the source of life. It is information on the kind of environment we create for ourselves. Representing the past, it shows from where we grew.

More astrology information that you might find interesting for Cancer is that the Cancer Gemstone is the Pearl .

Colors ruled by the Cancer Zodiac Sign are Smokey Gray or Silvery Blue. (Judgmental,  this Cancer) Just a little more astrology information on the Cancer any flower that is white (God like color) is theirs such as White Roses, Acanthus, Water Lily or just the plain old Lily.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign which is a self-starter. Cancer is also the fourth house of the Zodiac and is considered feminine which is negative.

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Cancer Horoscope Dates and More

The date for the Cancer Zodiac Sign is generally from June 22 – July 22. These dates can fluctuate just a little. For exact computations you’d need to have a natal chart done so that you know exactly what Zodiac Sign is truly yours especially if you’re on the cusp (close).

More Cancer Astrology Information is provided for the elements of your Cancer Zodiac Sign as to what drives you under this sign.

Cancer’s element is Water. If you’re a Cancer I know this doesn’t surprise you and really all you have to do is look at your Cancer Symbol. Water in your Cancer Personality is characterized by the Cancer personality characteristics as seen in the following personality traits:

Cancer Personality Traits

  • Emotional
  • Loving
  • Intuitive
  • Imaginative
  • Shrewd
  • Cautious
  • Protective
  • Sympathetic
  • Changeable
  • Moody
  • Touchy
  • Clinging
  • Unable to let go

These can be what is perceived as positive or negative qualities. Pick the ones you like Cancer. They’re all yours.

Cancer Personality

Cancer is one of the most emotional of all Zodiac Signs. At the same time Cancer is one of the most protective of those they love.

When a Cancer allows you to become close personally with them, you will meet one of the most kind and caring people of the Zodiac. Make a Cancer mad and you will meet one of the most sensitive and formidable Zodiac Sign.

Shrewd and cautious, Cancer goes through life testing the waters.

Cancer has a vivid and strong imagination which needs to be carefully governed. Otherwise Cancer People may find too much to worry about. Cancer is the supreme worrier.

Cancer People get very high marks in the intuition department. And when allowed to work instinctively, the Cancer mind is at its best. Brave in the face of adversity, Cancer’s tenacious sign will sift through life’s problems.

Moodiness is one of the worst of Cancer faults. Cancer People are up and down in moodiness. Cancer can be up just as quickly as they can be down. Keeping Cancer moderated is the ideal situation for a Cancer personality. Along with their changeable personalities Cancers most often are shy unless they have other Zodiac Signs which offset this personality trait.

Sentimentality runs deep in the Cancers. If you want someone to find the best card or gift for another, ask a Cancer personality. They are very inventive in their gifts and the receivers of such will tell you just how good they are.

Cancer in Love

Romanticism is part of the Cancer aura but may keep a Cancer People living in the past instead of moving forward. Look at Cancer Person you know who has had a breakup. They can’t stop reliving what happened.

Cancers make wonderful life partners as long as you remain a life partner (just a consideration).

Although Cancer is very emotional, Cancer People are very caring. When in love Cancer is really in love. A problem in this particular little Cancer love nest though is that Cancers sometimes tend to be cruel with their words. When the Cancer lover uses the same words Cancer just used, Cancer truly takes it to heart and doesn’t like the situation at all.

A Cancer in Love holds on tenaciously. Read why in Find Love Through Astrology.

Cancer Sex

If you’re looking for quantity don’t get involved with a Cancer. Cancer doesn’t have that word in their vocabulary unless there are other Zodiac Sign reasons in their natal chart.

Cancer does like to be treated nicely all the time and when you do then the quantity may be right up your alley. Don’t upset Cancer though because they have a long memory and that might come back to haunt the Cancer lover who wants more.

Cancer can be a considerate lover in most cases.

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