Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope june 22 – july 22

Sunday, May 19, 2019
Sunday, Capricorn, make decisions for work and home with a clear mind and the ability to integrate ideas to assist on whatever project. Talk is something you can do now even though you generally don't think it's that necessary. It's not that you're antisocial. It's just that you learn more from watching and listening more than talking, you think, Capricorn. Let others idiosyncrasies go. Don't give them the time of day when irritated by something they've said or done. Taking it on will only cause more dissention in your life. Monday, stick close to the one you love because you're going to need it today. Things you thought easily done now, aren't. Wrong choices could be made. Thinking that socializing may be what you need to do today rather than working, is on your mind from the time your feet hit the floor. You have a sense of isolation at this time but that will be short-lived thankfully. Perhaps that's just your attitude now and not really true. Others just have their own cross to bear, as well, and like you, no time to spare. Tuesday, getting your ideas and thoughts across to others goes easily today. The only problem with this is those thoughts and ideas may be something you don't really need to express because others may not take them well, or at least not how they were meant, Capricorn. Your mind expresses thoughts that are very intense in nature. You have nervous energy that could cause issues where making decisions are concerned. Tomorrow you may have to rethink and redo what you've done today. Wednesday, you've started noticing that time is marching on. In some manner, that's kind of scary especially when you want to get your life settled in a materialist manner. You find yourself more serious natured now in all aspects of your life from work to emotional status. Being too strict on yourself is part of your challenge too. Back off as much as possible. While in this mode you'll surprise yourself when you take on creative solutions to some of your problems, Capricorn. Thursday, you get a little boost from your friends and supporters. Communication is something you prize now because you're able to communicate with everyone and get your point across easily. Though you go out of your way to work with everyone you can enlist to assist you, you're not outgoing right now at all. Being withdrawn doesn't get noticed it seems because others are too willing to believe you're not that way with them. That's your nature. Friday, so much is on your mind that you can't seem to make your mind still enough to focus on issues you on which you need to work. This may be the day to take a vacation day. Being at home with those you love will provide more intense creative time than being at work. Daydreams are taking you to a world where you can barely be touched by coworkers. That doesn't sit well with them. That's why the thought that you can do better at home now, Capricorn. Saturday, today you're back to your usual self with believing that the practical way is the only way. Creative avenues left with yesterday. This is a nice time for you because you have everything in its place as you feel it should be. Emotions are settled in where you can understand them easily now both on others and with yourself. People you love seem to be happy with themselves. That makes you more comfortable. Be careful about your brand of comedy today where your lover is concerned. Happy Week Capricorn! Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

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