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Compatibility is

Most want to know if they’ll ever find a Soul Mate. Finding a perfect lover is generally what people look for in Compatibility. So here you have it. Just remember there is more to love than the physical, sexual aspects. Love takes work and thus you might want to read issues in your Compatibility, whether strengths or weakness so that you can work on your perfect love.

Compatibility is the comparison of two individuals in relationships such as family, career, friends, pets and lovers unions. In this instance we’re using the Zodiac to compare all the above. As it’s written I have it in a lover’s union format. Just know you can substitute any relationship in the lover’s union profile for compatibility.


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Family, Pet, Friend, Career and Lover Compatibility

If you’re looking for family, friends, lovers and career Compatibility please substitute those words for the lovers union on every Compatibility page between Zodiac Signs you read.

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Compatibility Lovers Union

Each Zodiac Sign of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces provides the opportunity to find a compatibility lovers union.

The Zodiac Signs will offer you a match-up you can prompt in Compatibility. For instance you’ll find a drop-down box which allows you to pick your Sun Zodiac Sign and match it against another Sun Zodiac Sign. When you do this you’ll get a page explaining the possibilities between your Sun Sign and the Sun Sign you picked to examine compatibility.

The best way that you can get a good compatibility is for you to get your Ascendant from the Free Natal Chart. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to get your friends, family member, work mates or lovers too, then you’re on the road to finding out what true compatibility is.

As I’ve mentioned before four minutes does make a difference on your Ascendant and we’re not always fortunate enough to know the other part of the compatibility’s Ascendant unless you’re really close. But if you are you’ve got the best manner in which to seek both you and your other Ascendant Zodiac Signs for a true compatibility.

With that you can read your compatibility from the drop down box and page to get your challenges and positive personality traits too. A true compatibility chart uses all aspects of you, your lover, friend, family or career mate to create a right-on compatibility.

Once you’ve made it to the Compatibility page between two Zodiac Signs of your choice you’ll find questions to be answered on that particular Compatibility.

Compatibility Quality

One of the first items you’ll see is whether the Zodiac Signs involved are Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. You’d really hope for Mutable if you’re Cardinal or Fixed because otherwise there is going to be fodder for fights. Those signs are called Qualities. Qualities make sense don’t they if you’re going to argue.

Compatibility Elements

The next item you’ll find for help is Elements which will give you more easy insight into your questioned relationship compatibility.  Elements give traits like Water, Air, Fire or Earth. Okay you’re getting the picture.

Water Element is sensitive. Fire Element is impulsive. Air Element is detached. The last but not the least Earth Element is stable.

How can we make this work you say?

After the elements you’ll find, “How can we make this work you say?” The rest of your compatibility is devoted to whether you can make it work or whether it’s better to cut your losses and run.

One thing though and this is Astrology trivia but not really. Every twenty years your Zodiac Sign expands to keeping the personality traits your Natal Chart shows plus adding the next Sign to your Personality Traits repertoire. That means I’ve added Scorpio with a wise-a$$ mouth to the mix with my Libra. (Oh I forgot I’m still nineteen.) That will be with all signs from your Sun to the Moon and Ascendant. Each one progresses.

Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac Signs you’re researching in Compatibility will allow you to see the Zodiac Sign with Zodiac Sign such as Aries with Libra or Sagittarius with Pisces. You’ll find some more sensitive than others (Water Elements) and that’s okay if you like sensitive people but if you don’t, whew ee.

Polar opposite Zodiac Signs are included so you know you will probably get along well with those even if they are opposites.

These Zodiac Signs with polar opposites are Aries with Libra, Taurus with Scorpio, Gemini with Sagittarius, Cancer with Capricorn, Leo with Aquarius and Virgo with Pisces. Polar opposites mean that the two Zodiac Signs are straight across the Natal Chart from each other and as such you’ll find differences in the two but these Signs will also complement each other. They have a special understanding between each other.

They have Compatibility Quality together. Aries with Libra and Cancer with Capricorn are all Cardinal Signs. Taurus with Scorpio and Leo with Aquarius are Fixed Signs. Gemini with Sagittarius and Virgo with Pisces are Mutable Signs. Each category of Compatibility Quality has common goals.

You’ll see in the Compatibility page you select that there’s a breakdown with personality traits of both Zodiac Signs. Then you’ll find each Zodiac Sign individually with the last but not least of each sign with its keyword personality traits and who their best relationship can be maintained.

Please remember this one thing though the very best compatibility in friends, family career relationships and lovers unions will be best done with a comparison of all aspects of their Natal Charts for a true Compatibility.


Select Zodiac Signs from the drop down lists to find your Compatibility.




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