Aquarius with Aquarius Compatibility

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What is Aquarius with Aquarius?

Aquarius with Aquarius is:

The Zodiac Sign Aquarius with Aquarius in compatibility in a lovers union both has Air Elements. That means they can both be a little flighty and aloof. Both are extroverts and know how to party leaving a contrast there. It’s good both know the other’s personality traits. Both Aquarius with Aquarius is a Fixed Quality. Aquarius is stable and stubborn. Again good they know each other.

How do we make it work you say?

Boy is this compatibility between the lovers Aquarius with Aquarius going to work unless of course they’ve got other aspects of the natal chart that sets one or the other off. Aquarius with Aquarius will work in a lovers union.

Aquarius with Aquarius

The compatibility Aquarius with Aquarius is a loyal couple who are also honest with each other. This helps when one of the Aquarius lovers in a lovers union becomes aloof. All the other Aquarius has to do is to ask a simple question to get their truthful answer. Then Aquarius with Aquarius can discuss or not and leave the fact that one lover is standoffish alone.

Aquarius People in this compatibility are original and inventive. These are two very good personality traits which both Aquarius’s appreciate in the other.

Humanitarian pursuits are a cause in which Aquarius with Aquarius enjoy working. It actually becomes a part of their mundane lives but isn’t taken for granted. It’s done with appreciation.

Aquarius takes more of an impersonal approach to romance but do desire to please their lover. Surprises and the unexpected element reigns high on their list of activities.

Aquarius with Aquarius, in the sexual department, is Zodiac Signs that are romantics at heart. Quality is certainly there when these two Zodiac Signs make it to the bedroom. Quantity isn’t a concern but can be had.


Aquarius requires spontaneity in a lovers union. Since Aquarius with Aquarius lovers union is aware of their lovers needs both Aquarius People are content with a lover who obliges that personality trait. Who else but another Aquarius can understand?

The study of Astrology appeals to Aquarius in addition to electronics, computers, and aviation. Anything that works by air transmission is something you might find involving the inventive Aquarius. Aquarius People have intuitive minds which makes it easy for Aquarius to grasp concepts that most others dismiss.

Aquarius with Aquarius compatibility is two very free-spirited persons who are open to accepting people from all walks of life. Aquarius is often tagged as being the life of the party. Social butterflies who love to talk and exchange their Aquarius views with everyone.

Due to their independent personality traits Aquarius People follow their own code and dances to their own tune. Aquarius People don’t like being hemmed in and won’t tolerate their freedom threatened. That’s equivalent to Aquarius being claustrophobic and locked into a room.

Emotion doesn’t play a major role in an Aquarius life. Aquarius People “think” about issues. Aquarius doesn’t “feel” towards them. Logic dictates that.

Aquarius doesn’t generally have an interest in tradition or politics. Helping others holds more allure.

Watch the sparks begin to fly when you have a lovers union of Aquarius with Aquarius. Now you have a compatibility of two like-minded signs of the Zodiac that can literally sit up and talk all night long!

Aquarius with Aquarius may have met while attending a social function or through a mutual acquaintance. Aquarius often takes part in group activities or become active in a club committee serving humanity in one fashion or another.

Aquarius with Aquarius appreciates each other’s intellect and prefers to associate with those who are up on current events. A well-known phrase often on the lips of Aquarius is, “I know.”

Aquarius is open to new inventions and may possess the latest home appliance or electrical gadget.

Romantically speaking Aquarius needs mental stimulation in order for a lover to continue to hold their interest. If not Aquarius lovers will be off and running to their next adventure.

Often Aquarius has a stronger affinity for their friends treating them more like family members.

Aquarius People love to make improvements on issues that matter for the common good of all rather than focusing their time and attention on only one person such as their Aquarius lover. It’s good that both Aquarius with Aquarius understands and accepts this personality trait with equal enthusiasm.

Aquarius with Aquarius is wonderful together in a lovers union. If no other natal chart aspects interfere this compatibility between Aquarius with Aquarius is made in heaven.


Aquarius is:

Inventive, Futuristic, Humanitarian

Lovers for:

Aquarius is:

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Leo




The information above is based on sun sign compatibility. For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart. This chart will provide your ascendant. When your ascendant is matched against your partner’s the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility. If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please click here.

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