Aries with Taurus Compatibility

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What is Aries with Taurus?

Aries with Taurus is:

There are some basic differences with this combination. Aries will rush into everything using rapid force wanting to know the outcome as soon as possible.  Taurus is much slower to respond and may want to ponder a bit.  Pondering can drive an Aries absolutely crazy.  Here we have two different temperaments and styles of approaching issues.

How can we make this work, you say?

Romantically, Taurus is soft and cuddly with lots of sensitive kisses and likes to take things slow and easy.  Aries has more of a “cave man” approach, which can be a turn-off for Taurus. Settle down with your Taurus lover and wait. In this manner you could make a Taurus lover happy. After you’re twenty, you’ll progress enough in your natal chart to see Taurus in a better light.

Aries with Taurus

An Aries can never push this one.  The more you push and pursue, the further you’ll drive Taurus away.  Let the little Bull Taurus think it over first.

Aries is so impatient they want what they want right now. Taurus can’t handle that.

Think it over Aries and make up your mind whether it’s worth it or not because Taurus earthy self doesn’t change but you sweet Aries can change on a whim.

Taurus with Aries

When a Taurus becomes interested in pursuing a partner, they often think about the situation and cautiously consider and evaluate the other person’s mannerism, style and reactions.  An Aries can be too strong or impulsive, which goes against the basic natural nature of Taurus.


Aries wants to see quick results and can spend on impulse.  Taurus won’t tolerate haste or waste.

Think too about sex, something you love. Will the Taurus bull be thinking instead of acting when you’re in the mood? You might find yourself wishing dear Aries that your Taurus lover has an Aries moon. Just saying.


A Taurus is willing to wait for long-term gain and will go back to the store when an item is on sale.  Taurus will always return an item and wants to get their money back, but an Aries won’t want to take the time to do so.

Aries has enthusiasm about partnership pursuits, but Taurus selects a mate with great caution.  Taurus can be a home-body type, liking home cooked food and curl up in a lazy boy recliner in front of the fireplace watching television, and Aries can’t sit still long enough.

Let’s look at this combination another way.  An additional difference between the two is that Aries will rapidly rush into a burning building to save someone.  Taurus may be more concerned about avoiding personal danger.  They may not approve of each other’s choices made and often do not see eye to eye.

No matter what gender either one may be, this is a classic example of Aries is from Mars, and Taurus is from Venus.  Reason being is that Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Taurus.  So we have both opposite approaches to life matters on all issues here, the masculine and feminine polarities.

If you can communicate, learn to adapt, and get to understand these basic differences as to how each of you relate and respond, perhaps you’ll adjust.


Aries is:

Independent, Impatient, Enthusiastic

Taurus is:

Patient, Stubborn, Values Financial Security

Lovers For:

Aries is:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Libra

Taurus is:

Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio




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