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What is Cancer with Cancer?

Cancer with Cancer is:

Lunar phases govern the emotional attitudes in Cancer. Cancer People are emotional and sensitive due to their Water Element which is why the Moon is their ruling planet. Depending upon the Moon’s sign position at any given time Cancer People’s moods fluctuate accordingly. Two Cancers together and that sensitive can be a little less than happy, you’d think.

How can we make it work you say?

The way in which the two Zodiac Signs of Cancer as lovers can make it work is Cancer is known for being the nurturing mothers of the Zodiac. Two Cancer lovers will mother each other regardless of gender.

If a lover appeals to Cancer’s emotional side the lover of Cancer will get what they want generally because feelings play a major role in Cancer lives. Being that the two lovers are Cancer People it’s a fun fest of emotional roller coaster rides.

Cancer with Cancer

In personal relationships, Cancer feels deeply, so if you’re hurt, have the blues, or are troubled in any way, your Cancer mate may put themselves in your shoes feeling the exact responses right along with you.  Your Cancer mate has a strong memory retention capacity, loves to reminisce or rehash events, saves old photographs, and never wants to let go of old items that have fond memories attached to them.  They can cling to a memory as if it were a security blanket.


The Cancer Zodiac Sign generally shows physically on people as a rounder face, a look of softness about their body. Cancer isn’t generally the weight lifter, hard body type. Notice how the Crab Cancer Astrology Symbol is larger around the abdomen with spindly legs.

Cancer shrewd intellect generally displays strong consideration of others until Cancer gets angry. Cancer doesn’t ever, ever forget a slight. For the hurt Cancer lover revenge is sweet even when served cold.

Cancer needs quiet and solitude as most Zodiac Signs do preferring a peaceful home environment to run to in order to escape the harsh realities of the world.

As a parent Cancer People are naturals at tending to home and family matters.  Cancer Zodiac Signs make excellent cooks and feel right at home in the kitchen.  Cancer can show affection by expressing warmth of home and by feeding people for which Cancer cares.

Cancer loves music and dancing.  Cancer can actually fall in love with a song that touches their emotions.

Movies are more than entertainment for Cancer People. Cancer needs more than a tissue when watching a romantic or heart rending movie. This is because Cancer steps into the movie world as if it were real.  Many Cancer Rising People make excellent actors and actresses, since emotion in drama appeals to them.

Cancer may avoid confrontations with a lover for fear of rejection. Cancer People take criticisms personally. Some Cancer lovers are clingy which can make for a harder love life.

Cancer can experience stubborn ego clashes with lovers or become romantically involved with those who try to control them.  Cancer is a Cardinal Sign which doesn’t take to well to being controlled by a lover. On the other hand Cancers like to be in control.

Two Cancer Zodiac Signs as lovers blend well together as both are seeking emotional and financial security.  The two Cancer lovers tend to pick up on each other’s moods possessing high intuitive insight. Cancer figures it can fix a problem in the lovers union before it gets started well.

Cancer lovers can become overemotional and sensitive. If there is too much sentiment or emotion expressed or experienced with this lovers union neither Cancer may be able to handle their Cancer love. Cancer lovers should be able to make the Cancer lovers compatibility work.


Cancer is:

Emotional, Nurturing, Sensitive

Lovers for:

Cancer is:

Cancer,  Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn




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