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What is Capricorn with Capricorn?

Capricorn with Capricorn is:

Capricorn is an Earth Element and a Cardinal Quality. The Earth Element of Capricorn with Capricorn compatibility is both practical and cautious. Imagine those two Zodiac Signs together. Both are leaders and both Capricorns are grumblers. The Cardinal Quality of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign is a leader who can be a tad impatient. And you have two in a compatibility lovers union. Uh Huh!

How do we make it work you say?

How do we make it work you say? Capricorn expects things to work their way if they go after something or someone. Two Capricorns in one accord can make anything work. These two Zodiac Signs can help each other in business and in the community. Both Capricorns are Signs of the Zodiac that want to be seen as doing the right thing. This Capricorn with Capricorn lover’s union does work.

Capricorn with Capricorn

Placing two Capricorn’s together produces a double order of loyalty and dependability.  Both Zodiac Signs are always punctual and precise.

Capricorn People have the ability to keep promises made. Those promises rank very high on a Capricorn’s list.  Steadfast and serious best describes this duo but they can be funny too with an offbeat sense of humor and a dry wit when least expected.

Capricorn People often possesses a deep need for solitude. Another Capricorn lover will surely understand this because that Capricorn lover in this compatibility has similar needs.

Capricorn with Capricorn is content doing different things but doing them together.  While one Capricorn lover balances the checkbook the other Capricorn lover is organizing the bookcase. An occasional glance or few words exchanged is all that is needed between them to put each Capricorn at ease. After all when a Capricorn tells their lover they love you once that’s all it should take.

Capricorn with Capricorn shouldn’t have issues with one of them being at work. Capricorn People realize that business is part of the relationship. If the two Capricorns come together before business is the success one needs both Capricorns will work and be patient in order to get their business there.

Capricorn with Capricorn in bed is all business. You might find that one or both have studied the best manner in which to make a Capricorn lover enjoy the sexual parts of their life with gusto. It’s not that sex is that important but when Capricorn gives into it the lovers union works to make it great.


Capricorn is extremely goal oriented and if there is anything that will put a smile on a Capricorn’s often frowning face it definitely is any type of accomplishment.  Their goals are set high, craving achievement, attention and seeking high-ranking status.  A corporate image best describes Capricorn’s persona.

Capricorn is the Sign of the Zodiac which is a sign of contrasts. Capricorn people love to work but feel badly about taking time away from others to do so. With the combination of Capricorn with Capricorn this emotion is really useless. Both Zodiac Signs understand this need and can help with the guilt.

As friends, Capricorn with Capricorn enjoys building things together from model airplanes to construction work.

Capricorn with Capricorn puts forth a lot of energy discussing and planning what goals the lovers need to achieve and then express joy by celebrating their accomplishments.

Capricorn People are very aware that still waters run deep even though they may not be as expressive or demonstrative as other people might be.

When Capricorn cares for another they mean business.  Falling in and out of love will never do for Capricorn has a love that runs deep and forever.  It takes a Capricorn a very long time to get over a relationship break-up and they don’t bounce back easily.

Capricorn requires a sensible, secure mate.  Capricorn People, as I’ve mentioned before, may have only told you once that they love you. That’s enough for disciplined Capricorn. Capricorn doesn’t feel the need for constant displays of affection. In the Capricorn with Capricorn lovers union’s eyes it isn’t necessary if Capricorn has proven devotion to their lover throughout their compatibility.

Two Capricorns together may lack the spontaneous light-hearted approach to enjoying fun and flirting. Capricorn never gets too rambunctious about anything giving the impression that they are unaffected by what others deem to be exciting.   Capricorn energy has solid long-lasting and long-term affects unless they have other aspects to the Capricorn natal chart.

Capricorn relies on discipline, ambition, and possesses great powers of endurance.  Capricorn People seek recognition and power via their accomplishments. Capricorn is willing to hang in there for the long haul refusing to accept defeat.

Capricorn with Capricorn is extremely content with each other but each Capricorn should try not to get stuck in a methodical rut.  A lesson for Capricorn is to learn to take life a little lighter so that it’s not always as serious or heavy as it appears to be from a Capricorn’s view.

Capricorn with Capricorn is really made for one another.


Capricorn is:

Business Oriented, Aloof, Methodical, Status-seeking

Lovers for:

Capricorn is:

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer




The information above is based on sun sign compatibility. For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart. This chart will provide your ascendant. When your ascendant is matched against your partner’s the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility. If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please click here.

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