Gemini with Gemini Compatibility

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What is Gemini with Gemini?

Gemini with Gemini is:

Get set to experience a frazzled, hectic and busy state of affairs if you are going to combine two Gemini individual Zodiac Signs together in lover’s compatibility.

How can we make this work you say?

Gemini with Gemini to some people may appear as being superficial or a bit flighty due to the changeable nature this Air sign creates.  Too much of the same energy can take its toll on some compatibility in Zodiac Signs but Gemini with Gemini doesn’t seem to mind. The mutable Gemini can make it work in the Gemini with Gemini compatibility because they are so much alike.

Gemini with Gemini

Gemini with Gemini paired together make excellent contact with one another on a mental level.  Both Zodiac Signs link up compatible ideas and think alike.

Besides thinking alike Gemini with Gemini get all kinds of enjoyment from discussing and even arguing over intellectual subjects. One piece of trivia can keep the two Gemini’s in hog heaven for hours.

Only another Gemini can understand their Gemini lover. Gemini with Gemini loves diversity from puzzles to games to conversation and any kind of change of pace.  This will all help to offset their slightly nervous mode.

Gemini with Gemini need to check up on their lover from time to time to make sure no misunderstandings is going on. Gemini never fully trusts anyone especially not a lover and especially when that lover is a Gemini.

Gemini can also be forgetful. If you tell your lover to meet you on W. 10th Street off of Maple, you may get a confirmed response that says, “Okay, somewhere on Maple Street, right?”  Your Gemini lover may forget about W. 10th Street altogether.


Don’t be alarmed if your Gemini lover is late, as they have a knack for being over-booked and tend to cram all activities in at the last moment.  Somehow though they manage to keep up the pace and don’t appear frazzled as most other Zodiac Signs would under such pressure.

Gemini is logical and rational people.  Gemini with Gemini need to think about their lover thinking as Gemini People do just like them.  Gemini “Thinks” rather than “Feels.”

Anything that will keep the Gemini minds alert has strong appeal to the intellectual Gemini.  Gemini with Gemini has a hectic schedule constantly being on the go with much phoning, texting and with local trips back and forth in the immediate vicinity. Gemini has many dealings with siblings and aren’t willing to stay away from family for long.  Your lovers union with Gemini will bring your family into their family circle as well.

Gemini with Gemini should be content preferring the fast and breezy approach to life.

Gemini has a knack for having all four burners lit on the stove yet the meal never seems to be ready on time.  These are people who will utter, “Great idea,” when discussing issues yet may never follow up on that great idea. Gemini has problems keeping their minds on business or anything for that matter.

Tapping pens on the table or swinging Gemini legs back and forth may be noticed due to the excess amounts of nervous energy Gemini possesses.

Gemini with Gemini will have fun keeping each lover busy either by exercising their minds or bodies.  Gemini relaxes by keeping busy.

The sign of Gemini governs duality, all modes of news or communications, siblings, automobiles, plans, ideas, or decisions.  So here we get a double dual dose of intellectual energy. Gemini with Gemini in career has more to talk about and play with making these two a very compatible couple.

Gemini is:

Changeable, Intellectual, Talkative, Versatile, Flirty, Youthful

Lovers for:

Gemini is:

Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra and Aries




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