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What is Leo with Leo?

Leo with Leo is:

Zodiac Signs, Leo with Leo, are both fixed fire signs which means Leo is stubborn. With compatibility between Leo with Leo which Leo will win and thus leave the other Leo to make it work.

How can we make it work you say?

Leo with Leo when paired together will require compliments and recognition frequently. That’s double your fun drama queens both needing kudos and acknowledgment. Which Leo with Leo will be the one to hold the other Leo higher and give into King Leo? If both Leo lovers can divide up that responsibility equally then that’s the manner in which to make their Leo with Leo compatibility work.

Leo with Leo

Leo with Leo compatibility lovers who are not pompous and have that warm-hearted gene should remember to consider their Leo lover needing compliments too. If Leo is truly cognizant and loving of their Leo lover there should be no problem relating to one another.

On occasion both Zodiac Signs, Leo with Leo lovers will want to be the boss. This can and will cause a clash of wills at times. Leo knows who the king of beasts is and Leo never thought that two could be that king. Leo with Leo compatibility lovers is equally stubborn.  Each Leo lover needs to help offset this occasional blockage by giving compliments and recognition frequently. Also Leo with Leo People has to learn to share some of the spotlight especially when Leo is a lover.

Another item in the compatibility arsenal between Leo with Leo is when one is led to anger. Negative Leo’s on both sides of the lover’s equation can be bossy, intolerant and interfering. These qualities don’t make for a great lovers union.


Whenever two people such as Leo with Leo compatibility possess the same Sun Sign or Ascendant (which is where love is found) both Leo People have similar ways of expressing themselves.  The most common factor in Leo’s style of relating is that Leo loves drama.

Leo People will often make an outward flamboyant display with many gestures while explaining or expressing themselves. It’s no wonder why these regal tendencies prevail within Leo’s basic nature.  All this drama entails an out-going congenial mannerism with an added royal touch.

Leo lovers seek a compatible lover who can accept that Leo playfulness.

Leo People like to attend the theater, enjoys sports, or attending any type of gaming event.  If you’re a Leo lover in this situation take your Leo lover to Bingo games, a casino or any type of ball game. Watch Leo roar like a lion when Leo’s team is winning.

Leo People seek out lovers who enhance the Leo social status. Leo People has it in their minds that Leo lovers should look good accompanying them. Also, Leo thinks it improves the Leo status when Leo does have someone extremely attractive on their Leo arm.  Women Leo’s will have their nails done and jewelry fashioned just to make Leo Women look grander than others Leo thinks. Leo men like to dress fit to kill as the old expression says. And Leo means it.

The Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Leo with Leo, together create like-minded lovers who want the same things in love and life.  Saving money may be a bit of a problem between the two Leo with Leo lovers. This is because Leo wants only the biggest and the best.  They have a fond appeal for gold jewelry and large luxury cars.  A smaller sports car will do provided it looks expensive.  Remember pride puts a smile on the lion’s face.

Leo wants a lover who is sure of themselves with high self-confidence and self-esteem.  Leo loves to brag about having the best. So who else would better measure up to Leo but another Leo and that’s happening in this Leo with Leo Compatibility.

Both Leo’s in the Leo with Leo compatibility similarly possess a strong will and leadership qualities. Leo People can be a more than a little vain.  It can be a difficult task for a Leo lover to swallow their Leo pride. Once Leo does Leo lovers may not apologize easily and hope that it just goes away quietly. That’s the only thing quietly a Leo does.

Leo with Leo compatibility can experience the Leo lovers union as if the Leo lovers were two cooks with one stove if Leo will only allow it.

Again, this duo of Leo with Leo is strong enough to be compatible if they can agree on who’s in charge.  Who’s going to lead the parade?  Is it Leo number one, or Leo number two? For Leo with Leo to compromise and create a grand lovers union both Leo lovers have to pick their battles.


Leo is:

Loyal, Warm-hearted, Dramatic, Stubborn

Lovers for:

Leo is:

Leo, Sagittarius, Aries and Aquarius




The information above is based on sun sign compatibility. For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart. This chart will provide your ascendant. When your ascendant is matched against your partner’s the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility. If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please click here.

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