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What is Pisces with Pisces?

Pisces with Pisces is:

Pisces is a Water Element with a Mutable Quality. Pisces with Pisces is two Water Elements. Water Elements are intuitive but they’re also very emotional. They can be moody too.

Two Water Elements in the Pisces with Pisces compatibility that creates a lovers union could put both Pisces on edge through using their psychic ability. One Pisces can read the other Pisces. Thus one might pick up on the feelings of the other Pisces as well as an empath and become a little less than happy too.

How can we make this work you say?

As long as one Pisces is emotionally stable in this Pisces with Pisces compatibility perhaps that one Pisces can help pull the other Pisces out of the doldrums.

Pisces People understand each other and more especially if they are in a lovers union. One Pisces if consistently down will become an escapist and that can ruin a lovers union compatibility between these two Zodiac Signs.

Pisces with Pisces can make it work in  a good compatibility because they know each other’s negative and positive personality traits and can help each other enjoy or overcome whatever personality traits Pisces is lacking at the time.

Pisces with Pisces

Pisces with Pisces is in compatibility able to create a silent rapport that’s not seen between any other Zodiac Sign sharing compatibility with a Pisces.

Pisces with Pisces can make for a thoughtful sensitive approach to a romantic lovers union.  Pisces People are extremely psychic people.  Pisces with Pisces may share a common compatibility interest in intuition and in long talks discussing vivid dreams.

Other favorite pastimes for the Pisces with Pisces may include dancing, swimming or fishing.  It is not uncommon to hear a Pisces say they work in the medical field, cosmetology, film industry, interior design or a night club.  Pisces is at home in any one of these fields to mention only a few.

Pisces with Pisces enjoy sympathizing with one another. Pisces is ready and generally willing to forgive and forget any hurt after it’s really over. Pisces People can be a little vindictive when hurt and another Pisces is well aware of this fact. Pisces with Pisces can get hurt with each other simply by living. Both Zodiac Signs of Pisces when they have too much of the same Pisces negative energy and feel down makes it difficult for one Pisces to bring the other Pisces up.

Pisces should also try not to exaggerate each other’s depressions or disappointments. If one Pisces feels sorry for the other as some lovers do then the other Pisces may tend to become baby like and need more nourishment. Only one Pisces at a time can give into melancholy or it makes for a very unhappy household.

Being artistic people, Pisces People enjoy creating works of art together from knitting to paintings and more.

Pisces are not overly passionate unless there are other mitigating factors in Pisces natal chart. In the Pisces with Pisces compatibility they can be who they are without fear of repercussion.


Pisces People’s basic nature is kind, gentle, selfless, imaginative and a bit of an introvert which makes compatibility more prevalent between the Pisces with Pisces lovers.

Pisces often seeks solitude in order to recharge their soul.

Pisces People pick up on every emotion their environment has to offer. Therefore Pisces People should always seek to be in calm surroundings.  Soft colors help soothe Pisces People as well as listening to music or becoming involved in painting or playing a musical instrument.

Pisces is a charming, when allowed, Zodiac Sign and their sensitivity shows when Pisces with Pisces come together in compatibility.

Pisces have great compassion for the underdog.  Fairness matters to them because Pisces People do not like to see others hurting, unless of course, the hurt Pisces retaliates but then like a Scorpio they will get over it. There could be Pisces blood shed though, just saying.

Pisces must be careful not to be taken advantage of by others.  It seems Pisces People often get the short end of the stick and must learn to make better choices in certain circumstances. And there are times that Pisces dreams they got the short end and really didn’t. Pisces needs to look a little harder at reality.

Pisces with Pisces compatibility lover’s union brings a common experience of having an intuitive link between each other similar to twins. (Well, Pisces does have the twin fishes as a Zodiac Sign which is a duality of the Zodiac.)  If one of the Pisces is down or in any kind of trouble, the other Pisces will have strong gut feelings that something is wrong without having to know all the details.

Pisces is accurate in their psychic endeavors when they take the time to listen to their first impressions.

Pisces is so aware of the paranormal in all Pisces People’s life that it would do the Pisces lovers a world of good to get together and take a psychic development class.

Pisces lovers need to try learning more about their dreams.  Pisces with Pisces can tell each other about their dreams and decipher what they mean.  It is important for Pisces to educate themselves more on a metaphysical level because Pisces possess this great gift and talent that shouldn’t remain untapped.

Pisces with Pisces can make a good compatibility work for them for the long term in a lovers union.

Pisces is:

Imaginative, Psychic, Artistic, Sensitive

Lovers for:

Pisces is:

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo



The information above is based on sun sign compatibility. For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart. This chart will provide your ascendant. When your ascendant is matched against your partner’s the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility. If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please click here.

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