Sagittarius with Sagittarius Compatibility

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What is Sagittarius with Sagittarius?

Sagittarius with Sagittarius is:

Sagittarius is a Fire Element and has a Mutable Quality. Fire is enthusiastic and confident. The Mutable Quality is an adaptable communicator. And you have two of these Zodiac Signs in a lover’s union compatibility. Do you think they’ll work? Well yeah!

How can we make it work you say?

How can we make this work you say? We just did with the Fire Element and the Mutable Quality but there’s so much more to these two freedom-loving Zodiac Signs. They can make it work and make it look easy in the Sagittarius with Sagittarius lover’s union compatibility.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Get set for loads of fun!  Two Sagittarius People together are always laughing, loaded with humor and candor.  Sagittarius with Sagittarius truly understands each other’s similar personality traits.  With this compatibility in a lovers union we have a combination between Sagittarius with Sagittarius with fiery out-going natures who hit it off right from the start.

Sagittarius People are open and frank.  They do not like gossip or lie. Expect to get the same honest responses that you would give another from your Sagittarius with Sagittarius compatibility lovers union.

In bed Sagittarius with Sagittarius burns up the sheets. Talk, fun and sexual play are all forms of enjoyment when these two Zodiac Signs get it on. Quantity and quality aren’t questioned at all. Both love physical anything especially sexual lovers unions and when they’re together you can hear the operatic lover’s manifestation.


Sagittarius People love the out-of-doors and enjoy as well as like to participate in many sporting events or traveling adventures.

Others may find Sagittarius People discussing and comparing similar frequent jaunts to faraway places with their Sagittarius lover.

Another topic of discussion may be common philosophies and educational pursuits.  Sagittarius is the proverbial student always pursuing knowledge in one fashion or another via study or travel.

A seasoned Sagittarius is more likely to make a commitment.  Sagittarius prefers freedom to go and grow especially in youth rather than settle down too young.  If they make an early commitment Sagittarius may become restless causing relationship problems.

As Sagittarius People mature Sagittarius begins to notice that they have always been natural teachers.  Most often Sagittarius People find themselves either instructing others on the job, lecturing, writing, or eventually teaching adult evening classes in one form or another.  Once a Sagittarius learns something they enjoy passing on their knowledge to others.

Mental stimulation is often experienced between the two Zodiac Signs in the compatibility between Sagittarius with Sagittarius.  This element keeps them interested in each other as they prefer intelligence and good conversationalists among their associations and especially in a lovers union.

Sagittarius often requires constant breaks from routine. Then Sagittarius can quickly regain the pace and resume normal activities.

When engaged in a lovers union Sagittarius is not emotional but rather more light-hearted.

Sagittarius often becomes attracted in a lover’s union compatibility to a lover who may come from a distance where travel is necessary during courtship.  Perhaps they even met while attending an educational class, while on vacation or in college. Travel means a lot to cheerful Sagittarius.

Sometimes Sagittarius may cut themselves short when promising others more than they can deliver.  It is important to note that Sagittarius People’s intentions are honorable but often they overdo things.  Going over-board is frequently a habit of Sagittarius and when you have two Sagittarius People, woo-hoo.

Always tell your Sagittarius lover the truth because Sagittarius always keeps an open mind. Besides the two Zodiac Signs of Sagittarius will know when the other is lying something neither can stand.  Honesty and straight forwardness is a must in the Sagittarius with Sagittarius lover’s union compatibility.


Sagittarius is:

Truthful, Blunt, Humorous, Restless

Lovers For:

Sagittarius is:

Sagittarius, Aries, Leo and Gemini




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