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What is Scorpio with Scorpio?

Scorpio with Scorpio is:

Scorpio with Scorpio compatibility is intense and passionate because you have two Zodiac Signs who are Water Elements and Fixed Qualities. Whew! As in all lovers unions which one of these two Scorpio Zodiac Signs will give into the other lover? It depends on the rest of their natal charts.

How can we make this work you say?

Making this compatibility work is truly up to the aspects in both Natal Charts and how those aspects match up to the others. If one Scorpio Zodiac Sign has some Mutable Qualities then that’s a good start. If not boy is this going to be a lover’s ride and possibly not in a good manner.

Scorpio with Scorpio

Scorpio with Scorpio in this compatibility is forceful and emotional. Though neither Zodiac Sign is considered a leader they are considered the most determined of signs. Now you’re getting the picture.

If jealousy creeps in between Scorpio People especially in a lovers union you’ve got major mayhem. Scorpio People don’t trust easily and since Scorpio’s are very secretive a Scorpio lover may keep what they consider a slight to themselves for a time. Thus the groundwork has been laid to run this lovers union into the ground. Unless the two Scorpio People as lovers can agree to be open and honest there isn’t much hope for this magnetic lovers union.

When vindictiveness raises its ugly head in this Scorpio compatibility no amount of lovemaking can make it okay.

Both Scorpio lovers need someone to guide them through love and life but don’t dare tell powerful Scorpio that. You might find your head lying beside your body with last thoughts of “What happened?”

Between the sheets it can be great or horrible. It’s according to the mood Scorpio with Scorpio is in. Since their Zodiac sign is ruled by the genitals most think that Scorpio is a sex maniac which isn’t always true. Scorpio with Scorpio enjoys a robust sex life both for the fun of it and because Scorpio knows sex is good for Scorpio’s health.


In Scorpio with Scorpio compatibility only Scorpio People are capable of knowing how each Scorpio thinks and feels.  Two Scorpio People together in a lovers union can produce the most secretive and emotionally intense combination ever to be found in the compatibility universe.

Scorpio People also possess a natural psychic ability. This may save Scorpio when Scorpio People find themselves hitting rock bottom in life and love. Scorpio has the uncanny ability to heal no matter what the life experience may entail.  Scorpio takes a long time to reach the healing stage so that Scorpio can overcome many transforming obstacles in life. Scorpio is one Zodiac Sign that has to go through a healthy amount of anger, revenge, obstinacy, resentment and finally determination in order to free themselves of that anger which then leaves a residue.

Scorpio People are strongly affected by conditions they cannot control. This stirs them deeply because Scorpio doesn’t like being out of control. Seeking power is Scorpio’s main objective both in love and in life.  Control or manipulation accomplishes this.

When paired together in compatibility Scorpio with Scorpio find that their most important life lesson is to release pent up emotional feelings.  Such an intense emotional approach to love and life only ends up causing Scorpio with Scorpio lover’s union loss or regret through their determined resistance and stubbornness. Scorpio needs to learn to turn loose which is very hard for Scorpio.

Scorpio with Scorpio may become a bit surprised when each Scorpio realizes they have met their match in this lovers union.  Each Scorpio has to often test one another again and again.

Scorpio truly dislikes anyone questioning them or knowing their private affairs. Scorpio figures if a Scorpio lover wants anyone to know something about their Scorpio life then Scorpio will enlighten them. Otherwise don’t ask. A lover may find the Scorpio lover staring back as if looking for the best place to sting.

Ask a Scorpio anything but never dictate.  Once trust is gained, love and approval from their Scorpio lover will be deeply meaningful and forever. It’s all or nothing with Scorpio! And it’s forever for sure.

Scorpio’s are very passionate in all life’s endeavors.  Romantic involvement is sure to be met with a huge depth of intensity. After a Scorpio has made up their Scorpio mind to go through with a lovers union the other lover had better know it’s for life.

Scorpio with Scorpio compatibility admires each other’s qualities in a lovers union. Scorpio likes the ability of each lover to solve problems no matter how complex they may be.

Scorpio People may often participate in gossip because its secretive element appeals to them.

In a Scorpio with Scorpio lovers union joint finances are often a frequent experience. One lover needs not to make the mistake of threatening a Scorpio’s financial status though. Scorpio scorned in money will not rest until they get even.  It can be a difficult task for anyone to figure out what makes Scorpio tick.  Only another Scorpio will know how to relate to this masked persona.

Scorpio People enjoy investigation and research.

Scorpio with Scorpio may have a stormy relationship loaded with intensity and passion that can be heaven or hell.


Scorpio is:

Intense, Secretive, Deep Insight

Lovers for:

Scorpio is:

Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus




The information above is based on sun sign compatibility. For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart. This chart will provide your ascendant. When your ascendant is matched against your partner’s the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility. If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please click here.

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