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What is a Taurus with Taurus?

Taurus with Taurus is:

What is it like to deal with a person who may be extremely set in their ways?  Well, only another Taurus can relate to that.  Here we have two Taurus with Taurus people who are money conscious, stubborn and very reluctant to make changes.

How do we make this work you say?

The good news is that Taurus with Taurus like it that way. The bad news is which Taurus is the leader with so much reluctance going on. Well, let me say that these two Taurus with Taurus seem to handle it just fine. Two mules in a pasture couldn’t work out so well unless they too were born under the Taurus Zodiac Sign.

Taurus with Taurus

Taurus with Taurus lovers can get into a rut in life. When one Taurus is down generally the other Taurus is down too. How can they help one another out or a rut or the doldrums.


Taurus People don’t like their schedules changed for it feels as though the rug has just been pulled out from under them.  Both Taurus with Taurus are used to being used to things.  Monday is shopping, Tuesday is for laundry, Friday is bowling, etc.  Supper is served every single night at 6:00 PM sharp!  Not 5:55 PM or 6:16 PM, get it?  Well heaven forbid that should ever change!  Taurus does not like changes.  They do not adapt well to changes.  The only way any Taurus will allow things to change is if it is Taurus’ idea.

Let’s say Taurus with Taurus are lovers. One Taurus has a job change or is forced to make a major move.  One Taurus having to make the move needs to move their Taurus lover slowly towards that move to make it okay.  Taurus won’t be forced. Taurus who is making the move with their lover or more to the point for their lover when that move is forced upon them will resist to the max. Taurus People in general take a long time to adjust to changes! Taurus with Taurus know this about their lover.

Taurus loves the finer things in life money can buy. And why wouldn’t Taurus. After all Taurus has Venus as their planet like Libra.  Taurus loves physical comforts, good food, music, nice clothes, and a peaceful home life.

Taurus likes to spend but given the right circumstances will save as well. Taurus can sometimes seem to be slow minded but that can’t be further from the truth. Taurus People like to study thoroughly what they’re considering well before making the change.

Taurus with Taurus is a methodical meeting of the minds.  Each Zodiac Sign Taurus with Taurus has an approach to partnerships that are exactly similar, nice and slow, yet constant and steady.

Taurus once you’ve become determined about something you stick with it.

Taurus is attracted to physical beauty and asthetic things. Taurus love is patient, persistent and practical.  In other words Taurus is willing to wait for that special someone, especially if Taurus feels that lover is worth the wait.

Being too stubborn with Taurus views can hold both you and your lover back.  Taurus needs to remember that change is growth.

Taurus with Taurus together should be able to enjoy gardening, making money and saving it, a warm cozy fireplace, and lots of hugs and kisses.


Taurus is:

Patient, Stubborn, Values Financial Security

Lovers for Taurus is:

Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio




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