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What is Virgo with Virgo?

Virgo with Virgo is:

In the Virgo with Virgo compatibility you have two of the same Zodiac Signs. Virgo is Mutable in Quality meaning they are adaptable and communicators. Virgo is an Earth Element meaning Virgo is grounded and conservative. And now you have two Virgo in a compatibility lovers union. Hang on. It’s going to be fun.

How do we make it work you say?

Discussing how it’s going to work isn’t really the question, the question is: Will both Virgo Zodiac Signs be lenient enough with the other to understand and accept their personality traits too? Virgo with Virgo sees eye to eye on most items. If Virgo People don’t see eye to eye Virgo will tell the offender about their reasoning with no holding back.

Virgo with Virgo

Virgo with Virgo produces a double sense of shared goals.  Both Virgo’s in the Zodiac Sign Virgo compatibility in this lover’s union are similar when considering their personality traits. Virgo People have a common sense approach to issues which is based on practical application applied in all life and love.

Virgo with Virgo may not appear to possess a very romantic streak. Somehow the mutual sensibility Virgo with Virgo shares has great appeal to both individuals.

Virgo People love to perfect life’s difficulties and are very open and willing to lend a hand to others in assisting in any type of service to others.

Virgo is practical in all parts of their lives. Most Virgo People have excellent memories for good and bad events. When it’s bad Virgo can adjust others way of thinking at least in hearing because Virgo isn’t frightened of setting their Virgo lover or anyone straight. Most often Virgo with Virgo understand each other and wouldn’t do something the other would be upset over.

In bed Virgo is modest and shy. When you have two Virgo People having sex the first time both Virgo People may have a problem solving that old equation of what to do first. Once that’s accomplished Virgo loves to be of service and will give all to their lover.

After the comfortable safe zone with much analysis of the lovers union has been reached Virgo may become extremely sensual in private but never in public or at the beginning of an affair.  This may be difficult for others to fathom but another Virgo will approve and respect their Virgo lover. Furthermore the Virgo lover won’t take it to heart and certainly understands why any hesitation transpired at the onset of the lovers union.


High on Virgo’s list of favorites are health and hygiene habits.  These are common concerns but Virgo has this down pat. Daily habit patterns may be carried on in a repetitive mode. Virgo is constantly fretting and analyzing. Worry comes naturally to Virgo People. Virgo can be nail biters or floor pacers.

Virgo likes everything in its proper place, nice, neat, and in an orderly fashion….always! Two Virgo People in a compatibility lovers union are really neat. This could be because Virgo People, though they look and act confident in themselves, aren’t really.

Virgo doesn’t fall in love easily. Virgo is fussy and critical towards their lover.  Virgo isn’t in a rush to find a lover and don’t always go out of their way to get one. A Virgo lover must match the Virgo high priority list and take this committed lovers union seriously.  Virgo most certainly knows what they want in a lover. Yet Virgo may find it difficult to find a lover suitable enough to meet Virgo People’s high standards.

When Virgo begins dating someone Virgo finds a slow and cautious approach is the best way for them to proceed.  They may spend a lot of time analyzing what, where, when, how and why things transpired giving due consideration to both the pros and cons as to whether the lovers union will work.

Virgo finds relaxation in accomplishing something. What might seem to be a work project to someone else will appeal to Virgo.

As a team Virgo with Virgo compatibility lovers union expects as well as returns shared commitment in a responsible manner.  Virgo knows you are on the same wave length and may not be as critical or demanding of another Virgo lover.

Virgo with Virgo makes a great lovers union.


Virgo is:

Fussy, Critical, Exacting, Service Oriented

Lovers for:

Virgo is:

Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces




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