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Who is Da Juana Byrd?




Da Juana Byrd is a Medium, Psychic and Astrologer

How did Da Juana get into Astrology?

This psychic and medium got into Astrology when I first came out of the psychic closet and started giving readings. You see I’ve had to eat my words because of two things on which I might have been a little judgmental. Those two things were Astrology and Palm Reading. It didn’t take long to realize my mistake.

Upon coming out of the psychic closet I looked for others I considered to be purple people like me. I thought Purple People would be like me, non-judgmental. That in itself is judgmental if you think about it. Like others I’ve got some items in my past I might not be really proud of, but I’ve always considered myself an open minded person.

We all have some items in life we would like to stay away from and that was what I thought I’d do with Astrology and Palm Reading. Astrology was because I was too lazy relying solely on my Psychic and Medium abilities. Palm Reading was because of my thoughts on the Palm Signs you always see on the side of the road. I found later that good Palm Readers I met generally didn’t have Palm Signs. Let me tell you how long my prejudice worked.

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Medium and Psychic

You see I’ve been a Medium since birth but I never thought a thing about it other than it was a normal life’s event. This is because the first person I really remember seeing as a baby was a ghost. I remember seeing him before my parents. It sounds far-fetched, doesn’t? But I’ve always remembered John.

He was my friend and teacher before between lives and after birth. So I had it easy. I call myself a lazy psychic because I’m what others call a natural Psychic and Medium. By the way John was my friend and conscious. All the other ghosts were mostly strangers. John helped me learn about them and my abilities.

Just to let you know I’ve always had an inquiring mind and as a matter of fact have said on many occasions how I appreciate God for my inquiring mind. It has, however, gotten me into a lot of trouble. I was reared with an Assembly of God preacher father. Believe me I questioned everything and still do. Not good to do so in front of a preacher father who I now talk with on the other side.

Astrology and Psychic Readings

Well back to how I got started with Astrology since I’ve led you around the briar patch before getting to the point. The only reason I led you around the briar patch was so that you’d get some of my credentials for being a Psychic, Medium and Astrologer. If you want to find out more about me, then please go to my page, www.dajuana.com.

But again, back to Astrology. The way I got interested in Astrology I’ve mentioned before here on Daily Horoscopes but I’ll do it again.

When giving readings for a client I’d say something like the person I’m speaking of reminds me of whatever Zodiac Sign I heard come from the other side. This was after I’d given information on what the person looked like and gave the starting initial of the name or the name.

My client would be processing everything I told them about someone who wasn’t with them. How could I see them, tell my client what they looked like and give information on their name? The person I was reading would be astonished when I gave them personality traits for that particular Zodiac Sign. I might even throw in the approximate date or the date of birth. When I say that can get the ball rolling for me to be able to give more information to my client I mean it.

Then I’d go on to tell the person I was reading about past issues and foretell the future for them. My clients still request readings from me and give me word of mouth. When I get email about readings from years ago and get told how right I was about their lives then have them request a new reading that means a lot to me.

I digress again. You should have to live with me. All my friends know how long it takes me to tell a story because I have several that add to the story I’m telling. But I always get back to it.

Astrology and Palm Reading

Astrology was more than just a fad to me then, as was Palm Reading. Didn’t tell you about that but guess I could do a quickie on it right now. See what I’m talking about going around the briar patch. Stick with me.

The first day I found those other purple people I saw a man to which I gravitated. He looked like Santa Clause without all the weight. He had beautiful twinkling eyes and was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Now he speaks to me from heaven. His name is Foster.

When I walked up to him I learned “to never say never.” The man who was a Palm Reader held out his hand, took my hand, looked at my hand and told me immediately something others didn’t know. He said that I’d had a very hard time giving birth and I had according to my doctors but few knew. Certainly he didn’t know. He also immediately told me that I was married twice.

This man couldn’t have known either item because we’d just met. That’s how I judge (there’s that word again) Psychics and Mediums. “Tell me before I have to tell you,” is my motto for both.

Foster told me that he was neither a Psychic nor a Medium. What he was he said he was, was a Palm Reader. He thought it was a science and I agree. He told me to take a picture of my hand and see how the lines changed it six months’ time. Try it. He also said the lines weren’t from physical movement but by changes I made in my life. Let me tell you that when this man, I paid later for a reading, read for me. I’m still impressed when I listen to his recording again. And it came from the lines in my hand.

He taught me a little but told me that whoever I was getting information on from the other side was telling me right the many times I told him what I’d seen in a client’s hand. I miss this man gone from the earth but still hear from him occasionally.

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