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Get your own personalized daily, weekly, monthly or yearly horoscope from Medium, Psychic and Astrologer, Da Juana Byrd.

For as little as $.34 (year) to $.50 (month) per day, you can have your own custom, personalized horoscope made only for you and no one else.

This is not some generalized computer-generated astrology but a personalized horoscope of 30 pages or more per month, from Da Juana Byrd to you for your exact birth date, birthplace and birth time.

When you receive your custom horoscope, you can search both forward into your future for the year or look back over the past to realize just how good your planets are at predicting your life.

Keep your horoscopes and make historical notes. Enjoy the accuracy of your own custom, personalized horoscope.

For as little as $15.00 USD a month, you can find out how your day will be, whether to ask for a raise, arrange a job interview, fall in love with the one you’re with or find another. Almost any life’s question is answered in your particular horoscope with predictions which help you live day to day in your best possible manner.

Instead of getting a simple solar return which only hits one aspect of your astrology, you’ll get all the planets that are transiting through your houses in their own particular manner. This gives you a wealth of information which can give you a leg up on circumstances in your life. You’ll know whether you’ll have a great day or a mediocre one, whether you’ll be down and out or ready to take on the world.

Not only that but you’ll get a little lesson on astrology and how it works along with detailed horoscopes for each day of your month.


1 Month $15.00  $.48 cents per day for the month except for 30 day months and February

3 Months $41.00    $0.45 cents per day for 90 day period

6 Months $79.00   $0.43 cents per day for 182.5 days

1 Year        $130.00 $.35 cents per day for the year

PS:  A Message from Da Juana Byrd

Most of you know I’m from the South United States, since I say Y’all and all. Besides I’ve mentioned it a few times. In the south we have monogrammed shirts, towels and lagniappe which means more.

For some years now, I’ve been thinking about a way to give you the best daily horoscopes you can get. I think I’ve found a way in this by using my expertise to get you the best, customized horoscope you can get in the least expensive manner.

Most know that I got into Astrology through my medium and psychic readings. I’m what I call a lazy medium, psychic. I let the ghosts tell me. When they started telling me about a person I was reading using astrology, I got interested especially when I found I was right. The other side let me know there’s something to this type predictions from the stars. This made me study and bring you the solar sign horoscopes. Over the years it bothered me because they weren’t the best I could do. This gives you your own personalized road map to the stars and how knowing their position can help you in life. Enjoy learning as I did.

Get personalized predictions on your life at a fraction of cost per day and have them at your disposal so that you can check them out before and after to see how they stack up in your life.

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