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Love, Astrology and Your Zodiac Signs


Da Juana Byrd

Sun Sign Astrology

Unfortunately I’ve heard people mention that because a person was this Sun Sign or another they’re not compatible. Try as I might to dissuade them from this type logic when they have it in their mind that it’s true, it is to them. A Libra might say that they’ve been with an Aries and that it didn’t work out although that sign is a very good one for Mr. or Ms. Libra.

In truth there are many factors that determine whether two people or even groups of people can get along together and function well. You have to take into consideration your whole natal chart because there might be extenuating circumstances (planets and aspects) that create a lasting friendship, love or even hatred.

Your Sun, Your Moon and Your Ascendant

For the sake of your time and effort here, we’re going to look at the three more important aspects of your natal chart and that is your Sun Sign, your Moon and your Ascendant. Although all aspects of your natal chart are important, as stated above, these three signs will help you get closer to someone you may want to befriend or even with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Also, I’ll throw in a few other parts of Astrology to further aid in your finding your best relationships.

Your Sun Sign expresses your personality. So people tend to think that’s what you’re all about but let’s delve into your chart further and look at your Moon. That’s your secret self. Oh, now we’re getting somewhere. You can see how that is important to functioning in a true relationship. Your Ascendant is how others see you. So what you get at first glance might take some mining to find the real you.

First you have to have your personalized Astrology done so that you can see from your natal chart those three important aspects of your Natal Chart or Birth Report. That means that you need your birth time (four minutes can make a difference so check your birth certificate), your birth place and your birth date. See it’s all about you.

Sometimes we have to be a little selfish in order to find out what’s best for us and thus our relationship. Your birth time, place and date are about as self-seeking as you can get. It’s yours.

When you have your personalized Natal Chart or Birth Report, you may go to compatibility horoscopes to see the interplay between you and your lover or friend’s two signs using not only your Sun Sign but your Moon and Ascendant as well even looking at the polarity of those signs so that you can see any small nuances that might occur in your relationship.

For instance a very sensitive Pisces might show his or her polar opposite, Virgo. A Virgo is quite different in actions and words. Knowing these little personality quirks can help you understand your partner, their likes and dislikes even better which assists you in the long run.

We’re not trying to make you a full-fledged Astrologer here because that can take forever to learn as I’ve found. Each day brings a new understanding into a thousands of years old craft. But in order to find the best relationship for you and to help your new found love nurture and grow then looking into this little bit extra isn’t too much to ask for.

The Zodiac

For your convenience in understanding polarity of signs here is a rundown of which signs are directly across the Zodiac from each other. The following lineup shows the polarity of signs which are found directly across from each other in the Zodiac:

  • Aries/Libra

  • Cancer/Capricorn

  • Taurus/Scorpio

  • Leo/aquarius

  • Gemini/Sagittarius

  • Virgo/Pisces

Polar opposites generally attract. One may be outgoing while another is reclusive or one might be a show off while the other is a thinker. You get the drift. This can have bitter implications if you get one person who is a spender and the other only wants to save. That’s why I mention that there is actually no one true method for finding love in your chart unless you get a personalized compatibility which can use each aspect of your natal chart to find the one best suited to you. By using this eBook and checking your Ascendant you can find a pretty close alternative. Polar signs assist in your finding love and friendship and I’m here to help you in minimizing your efforts.

Another way in which to look at your Ascendant and their polar opposite is for instance look at an Aries. He or she is outgoing and pioneering maybe even a little domineering whereas it’s Polar opposite Libra’s strong trait is diplomacy and fairness.

Cancer is emotional and Capricorn is all about common sense and business.

Taurus has a wait, study and see approach whereas Scorpio is physical and emotional.

Leo is a sensitive, creative individual who likes to be noticed. Its polar opposite, Aquarius, is friendly but in actuality almost reclusive.

Gemini’s are true multitask personalities while Sagittarius wants to be known for their intellect and energy.

Virgo’s are the practical sign. Their counterpart, Pisces, is the more sensitive ones.

You can see how the Ascendant and it’s polar opposite complement each other. What one lacks the other enjoys but too much difference can make for fiery times also. Temperance is key in love and friendship.

While you look at your love interest by thinking that you need only their Sun sign it would behoove you to study just a little further by looking up each Zodiac sign here on Taking the time to learn that little bit extra will help.

The Planets

Just for grins let’s take a look at the ruling planets for each sign. They can add to the sweetness or discord of your bond.

  • The Sun rules Leo

  • The Moon rules Cancer

  • Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo

  • Venus rules Taurus and Libra

  • Mars rules Aries

  • Jupiter rules Sagittarius

  • Saturn rules Capricorn

  • Uranus rules Aquarius

  • Neptune rules Pisces

  • Pluto rules Scorpio

Personality Traits

Personality Traits of each planet are simply put here so that you can get a quick synopsis.

  • The Sun is very powerful and showy like the lion or Leo.

  • The Moon is intuitive and shy like the crab, Cancer.

  • Mercury is very communicative as are the twins and virgin, Gemini and Virgo.

  • Venus practices love, harmony and thoughtfulness as do the bull and scales, Taurus and Libra.

  • Mars is sexually forthcoming and aggressive like the ram, Aries.

  • Jupiter exhibits humor because they know they’re fully armed with arrows, Sagittarius.

  • Saturn can either be a very strong shoulder on which to lean or it can be just as restricting as its sign the goats head and fish tail, Capricorn.

  • Uranus is often noticed but can be very uptight just as is the water and air waves of Aquarius.

  • Neptune is a romantic but might be misunderstood the two fish, Pisces.

  • Pluto loves a good relationship when it gets what it wants but can be hard on them as well like living with the Scorpion, Scorpio.

You can see how each of these planets can make for some fun times in the old home tonight by the signs they rule.

Think about yourself for just a minute. Refer to your three top signs and see how they feel in the scheme of your life and how you’ve worked through them so far.

Horoscope in Astrology

There’s another factor in looking at horoscopes and that is the transits which I will touch on just briefly here with more to come later. Transits in your natal chart happen just as your own aging does. Because of this you’ll find your taste changing. This happens about every twenty years. Each sign moves forward just as we age. Then you have aspects from the new parts of your chart along with the old. That broadens your experience and allows you to care for those you might not have when you were younger.

One more item to think about is the differing houses but again, we’re not going into all that now.

Actually your Ascendant is very important in allowing you to discover love and friendship. Because your Ascendant is how others see you that first glance between two aspiring loves can make the difference in whether you become friendly or not. You’ve heard that old saying how someone fell in love at first sight. They probably had compatible Ascendants and then everything else in their Astrology chart fell into the mix as well.

So if you know your Ascendant, you can look at your polar opposite as shown above and add their corresponding planets too to get more insight into finding your most compatible Astrological Sign. Do not forget to look at the other important signs in your chart as well, your Sun Sign and Moon. See if your mate, romantic or otherwise, has some of the same signs and traits you need in order to live in harmony.

Positive and Negative Personality Traits

Negative and positive elements considered in Astrology to be Masculine or Feminine parts of each Zodiac Sign can make or break a relationship. Someone a little more practical such as a Capricorn might be overwhelmed by a more intense sign such as the adventuresome, fly-by-your-coattail, Aries. You can see how this might drive the shy one to drink or moreover to leave.

When you get two signs from two individuals that are just alike, think about those consequences. If there are two shy people, what will they ever get done? By the same token think about two outgoing, assertive types. Who will be the one who wins? Will they win every argument because you know there is going to be those in this relationship or will they give into the other and start to resent their partner?

Furthermore, look at your partner and your own chart to see if you have magnified Astrological aspects. For example, if your Sun Sign and Moon or Ascendant are the same, it means that you are more prone to personality traits of that sign. Learn to temper them in yourself or be careful of the more intense traits in your love. Either way, those intensify your love life.

Astrology is a massive tool that is always growing with you and can be utilized to help you live your best life.


In love or friendship there always has to be some give and take. Use your very own personalized natal chart to find and look over all three signs, Sun, Moon and Ascendant, for your best Love Astrological reading.

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