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Libra is a Zodiac Sign used in Astrology and Horoscopes.

What is a Libra


Horoscopes and Astrology?


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Libra Is:

Libra in Horoscopes and Astrology, is a constellation which creates Libra Astrology through it’s movements above. In Libra Astrology the Zodiac Sign information when calculated brings your Libra Daily, Weekly and Birthday Horoscopes. In order for you to learn more about Libra Astrology and thus Libra Horoscopes I’ve written more information for you to enjoy such as this about Libra Zodiac Signs which you can read at Da Juana Byrd’s  Zodiac Signs in your Horoscope

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Libra horoscope 2019

What is a Libra Sign

When one asks “What is a Libra Sign,” they’re referring to traditional astrology from which certain personality traits fit people born at a certain time and bring them their Sun Sign Horoscope. But it’s not just the Libra Daily Horoscope. It’s what is a true Libra? And what is the Libra personality traits? So with that in mind I, Da Juana Byrd, will give you information on more Libra astrology and hopefully what you want to know about Libra period.

This is your Libra Zodiac Symbol in Astrology Libra is a Zodiac Sign used in Astrology and Horoscopes..

Libra Astrology Symbol is the Scales. Notice how they’re trying to balance. That’s because Libra People are the diplomats of the Zodiac.  Libra is sweet to everyone until they get mad and it takes a lot to do that. Then the person who wronged them is persona non grata. Libra understands this and hopes no one ever makes them that angry. Libra tries to avoid confrontation. (just hope your Libra doesn’t have Aries as their moon) Just saying.

And this is Libra Ruling Planet Venus Glyph in Astrology: 


Venus is the planet that loves the ideal, sexual and familial. And she did real well when she brought on the beauty loving Libra.

Venus loves “love” in any form. Personal relationships rise to a new level when Venus is involved.

Being the feminine side of her subject’s nature, she loves art and fashion. Gentleness, friendliness, tact and the social graces are all parts of her intricate nature. Without harmony in her life, Venus is emotionally upset.

Venus does have her bad side though with her Libra. Under stress, Venus can become indecisive, careless, over romantic and dependent upon others.

Venus rules our values, sense of appreciation and enjoyment.

More astrology information you might find interesting for Libra is that the Libra Gemstone is a Sapphire and Jade. Just a little more astrology information on the Libra the Rose and Blue Flowers are what they rule.

Colors ruled by the Libra Zodiac Sign are Pink, Pale Green and Various Shades of Blue. (a little quest for Peace in the Pink, healing in the green and various shades of emotion in the blue for this Libra)

Libra is a Cardinal sign which is a leader and perhaps a little impatient. Libra is also the seventh house of the Zodiac and is considered masculine which is positive.

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More on Libra

The date for the Libra Zodiac Sign is generally from September 23 – October 23. These dates can fluctuate just a little. For exact computations you’d need to have a natal chart done so that you know exactly what Zodiac Sign is truly yours especially if you’re on the cusp (close).

More Libra Astrology Information is provided for the elements of your Libra Zodiac Sign as to what drives you under this sign.

Libra element is Air. If you’re a Libra I know this doesn’t surprise you and really all you have to do is look at your Libra Symbol. Air in your Libra Personality is seen in the personality characteristics as seen in the following personality traits.

Libra Personality Traits

  • Diplomatic
  • Sophisticated
  • Romantic
  • Charming
  • Easygoing
  • Sociable
  • Idealistic
  • Peaceable
  • Indecisive
  • Changeable
  • Gullible
  • Flirtations

These can be what is perceived as positive or negative qualities. Pick the ones you like Libra. They’re all yours.

Libra Personality

Libra People don’t like to hurt anyone and will work as hard as Libra can in a diplomatic way to keep hurt from happening. That is unless Libra has other Natal Chart items that cause them to lean totally another way. A moon sign, the secret self, can have them act un-libra-like sometimes.

Because Libra likes to help everyone without the hurt, Libra People may be seen as indecisive. Sometimes Libra is. Wavering is one of Libra People’s worst traits.

Libra is charming, sophisticated and most often very beautiful people. Libra is noticed wherever they may go because of their energetic personality and Libra’s big smile. Libra is used to being charming and easy going.

Libra People value fairness above all else. What’s more, Libra expects others to feel the same way.

If Libra has a fault or two, it could be that they give in to others too easily. Libra People do this even when they know Libra is right just to prevent upset.

Another small fault may be Libra sometimes develops a tendency towards procrastination especially when Libra People have to make a decision about a loved one.

Libra in Love

Libra People loathe loneliness and are happiest when they have a companion to share in all they do. They need romantic relationships and want to give whatever the love of their life wants. Generally Libra has many people wanting them because they are considered beautiful or handsome by most people.

Although Libra People are peace-loving, Libra has been known to start arguments with their lovers just to be able to figure out whether they are really loved or not. It’s all just spice for the Libra.

Extremely generous to the extremes, Libra needs to be aware why they love to give.

Find Love Through Astrology  written by Da Juana Byrd counts when Libra is in love.

Libra Sex

Libra People, because they want to please, try hard to be great when it comes to sex. Libra enjoys both quantity and quality.

Libra’s aren’t always called diplomatic in bed because Libra People need sex to make them feel loved. Libra People are there to entertain as well as to enjoy.


Libra Compatibility

Libra has many who call them friends because of Libra People’s tendency to be pleasant, social and easygoing. Because sweet Libra likes to leave confrontation alone Libra People will give in to those they love.

Libra has more Compatibility with some signs such as another Libra, (fair and easygoing) an Aquarius (fair and love Libra) or an Aries (Loves a Libra because… they like how social they are).

If you know your Sun Zodiac Sign is Libra and the Sun Zodiac Sign of the person in question is another Libra, Aquarius, or Aries, then you are off to a good start. Those Zodiac Signs have a high compatibility with Libra.

Get your personalized astrology cast so that you’re aware of the other aspects governing your relationships with your lover in all the most important areas of both your lover and your life. Sun Zodiac Signs are known by practically everyone and are what people believe to be the basis of their natures. In truth there are other aspects in their charts that bring out the finer parts of their personality.

The ascendant which is the Lovers real Compatibility Zodiac Sign is how others see us. It’s what they think our personality runs.  Our Moon Zodiac Sign is our secret self. Though sun signs are good for reading, seeing our future and enjoying, all three Zodiac Signs are better for a more knowledgeable prediction of our life’s happenings. If you know your Ascendant and your lovers, then you’re more apt to pick the best person for you.

Your Ascendant or Rising Zodiac Sign is the Zodiac Sign and degree on the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. If you can match your lover’s ascendant along with other aspects, you’re way ahead of the game in knowing just how much compatibility you have with a lover.

The information above is based on Sun Sign compatibility.  For a more accurate interpretation of the comparison between you and your significant other, you need a natal chart.  This chart will provide your ascendant.  When your ascendant is matched against your lovers the information given is a more precise interpretation of your compatibility.  If you do not know your ascendant and would like to, please check your natal chart above.

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Libra Parent

Libra People, although they are diplomatic, may not be found to be that way with their children. Libra’s are perfectionist and expect more of themselves and Libra’s babies.

Libra Parent’s try to be fair-minded and try to refrain from corporeal punishment but are not above giving a swat on the bottom to the little one that mouths off or doesn’t listen.

Most children want to be around the fun-loving Libra. Libra is the one who will wash the car in the rain with their babies and children love that.

Libra and Wealth

Libra finds their best work at anything creative. Writing, decorating, ministering, stage and other such jobs give the Libra satisfaction that comes from servicing others.

Libra doesn’t lack physical or emotional energy.

Libra People generally appear to be relaxed when in fact, Libra is constantly thinking about their next project and ready to get to it. When a Libra wakes up in the middle of the night, they’re usually thinking of how to make their Libra career better.

Libra loves living the high life as you can see in Astrology and Your Horoscope helps you to find wealth

Libra and Health

The part of the body Libra rules the Kidneys

Libra People’s love of beauty and all the best this earth has for them can make a Libra a little healthier with food than they might want to be in terms of weight. This can cause Libra to be one of those constant dieters.

Stress can cause Libra to have to watch their blood pressure. Libra People tend to stress over those they love.

Anything Kidney related for the Libra’s health needs to be considered.

Astrology and your Health will help Libra understand how to be the best in health.

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