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Now that you’ve read about Astrology, how it came to be and how it works with Zodiac Signs, constellations, planets, elements and qualities I’d like to give you More Astrology to enjoy and learn from with as well.

A good Astrologer is one who can take your Natal Chart, remember all the items they’ve been taught about Astrology while learning new Astrology each day and give you the enlightened story of your life from that Natal Chart. Astrologers have to be good at reading the chart and adding all the fine points.

If you’ve read the other pages associated with my site Daily Horoscopes then you know how I came to be an Astrologer. If you haven’t read about it then let me tell you that while giving readings I realized Astrology was a very real tool for everyone even a psychic and a medium.

I did the Astrology readings backwards before I ever knew about Astrology readings. I’d be giving a psychic and medium reading. In the reading I’d give the personality traits and tell my client the one I was speaking about was born under this Zodiac Sign. When it came out correctly both my client and I was floored. My client thought I was fluent in Astrology which I got from some good Astrologer on the other side. It got me interested and here I am.

Though I got started in Astrology from my readings most Astrologers don’t have to have any supernatural influence in their lives. Astrology is math calculations and positions which when calculated give you seasons and forecasts without the use of psychic ability. Yes, everyone who studies Astrology can do it if they apply themselves.

Sun Sign Astrology

Most people know only their Sun Sign which is a Zodiac Sign and read horoscopes from that Sun Sign. It’s easy for those people because each person knows their own date of birth generally and can pick their Sun Sign quickly from a reputable horoscope such as my Daily Horoscopes which gives the dates associated with that Sign.

Sun Sign dates are shown here for your convenience. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and has dates between March 21through April 19. Taurus has dates between April 20 through May 20. Gemini has dates between May 21through June 21. Cancer has dates between June 22 through July 22. Leo has dates between July 23through August 22. Virgo has dates between August 23through September 23. Libra is between September 23 through October 23. Scorpio has dates between October 24 through November 21. Sagittarius has dates between November 22 through December 21. Capricorn has dates between December 22 through January 19. Aquarius has dates between January 20 through February 18. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and has dates between February 19 through March 20.

Sometimes when you’re on the cusp of a Zodiac Sign you pick up personality traits from one or both Zodiac Signs who are touching.

Astrology versus Astronomy

Astronomy is the study of the stars. I’m not proficient at that but I love looking at them and even have an app that tells me what star is where in my sky. Love that app.

Astronomy is a science. Astrology isn’t. In my mind I think it ought to be because of some of the studies done on it.

Astrology answers the questions of what the movements of celestial bodies have in common with prophesies for persons born under those movements.

The Zodiac

In Astrology the Zodiac accounts for the movement of the Sun through all houses of the Zodiac even though we actually revolve around the Sun. This is because we’re on earth looking at the Sun revolving around us from east to west and within that radius on changing seasons.

Your Sun Sign is the Sun Sign where the Sun from earth was sitting at your time of birth. Differing countries on differing times have to set the time by Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as to the calculations of your Zodiac Natal Chart or Birth Report.

The twelve houses of the Zodiac come from the time it takes the earth to revolve around the Sun.

The Ascendant is the degree of the Zodiac Sign rising over the eastern horizon at any given moment. Thus your Ascendant of your Natal Chart has special importance. Some say your Ascendant is who you really are as seen by friends. Others say the Ascendant is how your physical looks are created. I believe the Moon is your secret self and the Sun is the personality traits you want the world to see. Moreover I believe your physical looks come from the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

Your Descendant is opposite your Ascendant and is on the cusp of your seventh house.

I hope my words help you to start the never-ending journey of learning Astrology or you can come back here and read on when I write more. I’ll be glad to have you here at Daily Horoscopes dot com.

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