Personalized Astrology and Horoscopes Reports

Thank you for telling us how much you enjoy our horoscopes. Although Astrology is at least a five thousand year old science, we have only been at it a few years. Therefore we love hearing we are doing it right.

Finding information about your life in advance is not only fun but informative. With your own personal astrological map, you can get help in making life’s important decisions.

When someone asks what sign you are, the answer you give, such as Leo, Libra, etc., is your sun sign. The daily forecast you are getting is based on sun sign astrology. Although it is RIGHT ON as most of you have told us, it is a generic horoscope. It does not get into every detail of your life as a personalized horoscope will.

Strengths and challenges in your life are shown in your own personalized astrology. If you have a special relative, friend, employer or lover about whom you want to know more, astrology can show you how the two of you relate to each other on an intimate level.

Using your date, time and place of birth, astrology finds pertinent information about your life. Your moon is your secret self. The ascendant is how others perceive you. Your solar (sun) sign reveals how you live your life force. The three of these signs together with other indications give you the basis of your life from the time you were born until you die.

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