Pisces Zodiac Sign in Your Horoscopes

(February 19 – March 20)

Pisces Personality Traits:

If you need a generous, kind, thoughtful friend, then you need a Piscean. But this can also be a problem for the sensitive Piscean because they may live vicariously through their friends with no thought of doing anything else. Some may feel that taking the road of least resistance is the manner in which they should live. Sometimes they are so bad in seeing others through their rose-colored glasses that they cannot bear to think otherwise even when they see wrongdoing done by the ones they love with their own eyes.


Because of their idealistic reality, they can become escapist and when they do this, they only make matters worse. The Piscean’s creative ability is enormous and can make others say, “Wow.” But that doesn’t mean that a Piscean will take the compliments with glee. Instead, they may become a little vague and secretive, taking a backseat to their enormous accomplishments. With their imaginations, they see the world as others don’t and can use their feelings to make any situation look as good as they want it. Pisceans don’t like change and tend to become stressed when it happens.

When a Piscean loves, they love hard. But beware hurting their feelings, which may happen easily. Once they have become embittered but a partner, Katie bar the door. They can be easily led and sometimes appear weak-willed. Some Pisceans can harbor resentments.

Pisceans can sometimes live in a dream world they have created. Work that inspires them should be encouraged. Caring is one of this sign’s greatest characteristics. Acting allows them to become someone else and they can keep their secret side. They make wonderful counselors. Creativity and care are the two best career choices for these wonderful people. Because of their creative side, they don’t like tedious details either. Give them something to do which challenges their creative side and they are in wonderland.

Emotionally Pisceans can be hurt easily because of their sensitive natures, which can upset their stomachs or give them headaches. Habits are easy for them to take up and hard for them to break. Watch out for foot problems as well.

Pisces Keywords:
Easily Led

Pisces Symbol:
Fishes going in opposite directions

Pisces Gemstone:

Pisces Part of the body it rules:

Pisces Ruling Planet:

Pisces Colors:
Sea green

Pisces Flowers:
Anything sea green colored

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