I’m Dead! Now What? eBook


I’m Dead! Now What? – A look into being a medium and how the dead can communicate with the living.

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Death is the one thing that cannot be denied. Like birth, it starts a new life but the difference is that it is a life without restrictions we see while on earth. Living is only an act required to spiritually evolve towards re-birth in the form of dying.

Each person who told his or her stories in this book had a will to live. There is no exception. Racing towards death was not an option. Living each day to its fullest is part of life whether it is on the physical side or the other side. Life is to be lived and enjoyed even in the worst of times.

Read how each person gave his or her story allowing Da Juana to write those life histories in their words. Each started their accounts right before death and into his or her rebirth on the other side. Travel with them as they unravel the mysteries of life and death and why we really become human beings. Spirituality is not just in our souls but in every aspect of that soul’s lives.

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