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Understand the importance and meaning of the letters behind your name

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It’s much more than simple A-B-C’S. Love Letters and the order in which they are used, give a name certain properties that last for an entire lifetime. In addition to being an interesting topic, understanding letters and names can empower and influence your love life! Discern negative and positive features of both your names. Discover the basic numeric connections to letters and how the combinations affect the path of the individual wearing the name and in doing so how those letters relate to each other in creating a loving relationship.

“For our purposes, we look at how numerology affects people’s names. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. When each is looked at as a numerical equation, they give substance to the letters. Assigning a number to each letter of the alphabet, from one through twenty-six, ascribes certain characteristics to each letter. In deciphering the numbers, you can learn about the attributes of the letters in question. Each letter has both positive and negative attributes. If there are multiple letters that are the same in a name, then that quality is over emphasized. When there are different letters, they have to stand on their own in meaning. In bringing the different letters together, you can find strength or weakness, which impacts the letters character. After all, a person’s name is how they are looked upon by society. And more, it is how they look back at society. Breaking these letters into numbers, then into characteristics, this book is designed to assist you in interpreting the hidden meanings in names.”

“If a vowel starts and ends the name, it creates stronger characteristics in the person whose name is being questioned. Look at the name “Ava.” She is a person who wants to look for the next rainbow and see what is under every stone. Ava would go into space as quickly as she would set a table or fold a napkin. And this is doubly bad for her because of the “A’s.” The “V” lends a little submission though and there is a fight to try to be understanding and gentle. She is teetering on being a bull, with a tender nature, in a china shop. Although she is tearing up the shop, she is very upset about it. That’s what the strength of vowels starting and ending the name mean. And woe be unto the one who has the same vowel somewhere else in the name. Attributes of that person, unless corrected by the wearer, take on wholly negative tones.”

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