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Ross Davis is a gifted Medium and Clairvoyant Psychic that has been touching lives for over 30 years.  Known for his giant and tender heart, Ross has been using his intuitive psychic gifts to help heal, guide, and teach humans and animals.  By using all of his gifts (Empath, Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Medical Psychic, and Energy Manipulation) Ross is able to get to the heart of the situation with warmth and honesty.


Ross grew up being labeled an “emotional child.”  Little did the people around him know, or him for that matter, he was a powerful Empath that could feel the emotions of the people around him. Ross was also known as being uncommonly compassionate as he would go to people that were in pain and offer them unconditional love and support, that he still is known for today.  Ross is known for hugs and even to this day, will use his hugs to help calm and heal those in need.

As he grew, his gift of being a Clairvoyant increased to the point that when he was a teenager, he began doing readings for friends, and some adults.  Although he didn’t grow up in an environment that supported these psychic gifts, he grew in his understanding from the Spirit Guides that spoke with him.


Speaking with ghosts is often what a Medium is known for.  However, Ross has had the privilege of working with spirits that have passed, are waiting to reincarnate, and energies that come and go in our realm.  Ross has helped others speak with lost children and loved ones and he’s also spoke with other people’s Spirit Guides!  It was during one of the Psychic Fairs Ross was attending that he was talking with someone and spirit was following a woman.  Ross looked out at her and could see that she was sad and looked frantic.  When the female spirit saw that Ross saw her, she came to him and said, “Please.  My Wife needs to know that I’m ok.”  Ross politely excused himself from the conversation and followed the spirit to her wife. The spirits wife stood and listened to the information that her dearly departed was speaking and began crying.  Her wife had died in confusing circumstances and had been blaming herself for her wife death.  When the message was passed and the living wife hugged Ross, the departed wife transformed into a brilliant light that both Ross and the living wife could feel.  The wife dried her eyes and when she left, she was lighter and more able to move forward in her life.

Clairvoyant Psychic

Ross has what has historically been called “Second Sight.”  Imagine standing in an open field and hearing a gentle breeze whispering in your ear or looking at the TV screen and seeing a movie playing that no one else can see.  The gift of Clairvoyance is seeing and hearing the unseen, as well as smelling, tasting, and feeling.  Ross has felt through most of his life the sensation of hearing Angels whisper and full spectrum of color in the world.  Ross has a great gentleness, even in his directness, when relaying the words and visions to each person he reads for.  He never goes into a reading with a “goal” but allows the person to brings their concerns and questions.  It’s through his caring and compassion that the readings take on their greatest work.

Haunted House

The term “Haunted House” often brings up scary visions of scary movies and Hollywood TV shows.  Ross, through his ability as an Empath, Medium, Clairvoyant has worked in many homes through the decades.  He has worked in homes with malevolent and non-malevolent spirits.  Ross views working in homes with displaced energy as working between two realms and two sets of clients, the living and the disembodied energies.  One family came to Ross with problems in their home.  They were having issues with discord in their family and felt that the home had something to do with it.  Ross, after working with the couple outside of the home, was invited to their home to help clear it.  The couple was nervous and they loved one another greatly and loved their children.  Once in the home, Ross was able to quickly and efficiently find that the issue was there were multiple portals of energy open in the home, letting in travelers.  These travelers were influencing mood and perception in the home.  Ross was able to close the portals and taught the couple how to close any additional portals that opened.  Ross is friends with this family to this day and their home became the loving home that they wished.


Ross has heard multiple times in his life, “My dog (or cat) never likes strangers,” while they curl up around him or shower him with love and affection.  Working with animals is another gift that Ross has as energy is universal, regardless of species.  If disembodied energies can communicate, they why shouldn’t living animals be able to communicate as well?  Ross has worked privately with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. His reading and his energy work with animals have helped animals break through their fear to embrace a fuller life and one that allows them to be trainable.  Ross’s Gold Retriever, Brady, is a therapy dog that has been working with Ross.  Animals are naturally intuitive and Brady is no different.  He has worked with Ross in Nursing Homes and in private sessions to help relieve stress, heal wounds, and being warmth and love. Connecting with your own pet as a spirit animal is a special bond that Ross has helped others find as well.

Metaphysical Teacher

One of the greatest gifts Ross has is that of a teacher and counselor. Ross believes in the philosophy of teaching a man to fish, should they wish to learn to fish.  He has taught classes on tapping into a person’s natural intuition using his caring and loving approach. His patience is as bountiful as his hugs.  Over the decades, he has helped hundreds find their own gifts and how to use them and bring about better change to their own lives and loves watching the joy people find in tapping into their own gifts and being in touch with spirit.


Ross has a beautiful philosophy of harm none and do the best you can.  He does not believe anything is infallible and will tell his clients if he does not know something.  Honesty is the key to his approach to Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.  He believes that we all have the ability to tap into the Spirit and to the gifts that we possess.  Ross gentleness and kindness is not prone to boasting or believing he has nothing to learn from anyone.  Ross believes that fresh eyes bring something new to see, just as when a child reveals a truth.  Conversely, with experience and time comes wisdom as well.  Being a psychic is a calling and one he has felt most of his life.  He accepts it with love and gratitude and grace.  He believes that every life he touches is a blessing that he is thankful for be allowed to touch.


Ross is currently available

Due to numerous requests that Ross do personal readings, he shall now be available for private readings in person or by phone.

To arrange a personal reading by one of the foremost psychics in the world, Ross Davis, contact Ross.

For international clients via Skype please email us with your name and number to be contacted at and USA time you would be available for Ross to talk with you. We will email you to confirm a personal reading with Ross.

The price for a personal reading with Ross is:

30 minutes $200. US

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PS: Da Juana Byrd, that’s me, would like to mention that I don’t get readings often but just to let you know Ross and I swap out. He’s one of the very few with which I do that. I think he’s that good.

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