Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope april 20 – may 20

Sunday, May 19, 2019
Sunday, Virgo, emotionally you draw care and love from family and friends. This helps you to remain stable in your thinking when you'd like to chase your dreams. Their care promotes better happenings in your life. They give you the latitude to consider something new and different, Virgo. Right now, you may be thinking about one person whom you suspect of doing you wrong. Dark feelings could overtake your mind. Do your best to rid yourself of those thoughts immediately. Monday, at work you've got all the answers and know how to talk about them to others in such a manner as to get those coworkers excited about how to fix problems. Understanding your past and seeing how that works currently makes you know how to create in your current life what's to come to life in the future. That's where you reap what you've sown, Virgo. That's the way that spiritualism really works and Karma is its carrier. Tuesday, you'll find yourself getting silent and going within today. Coming to terms with your past and realizing working in the now is the only manner in which to get what you need is at the heart of your feelings. This is a major life's change for you now, Virgo, but it's a successful one and will continue for a while. You'll realize this later. Another change that is here is you have a greater focus on anything mental. Wednesday, this is a time of using that mental clarity you have to your best interest. You have intellectual clarity and can see what you're working on in a creative light. Furthermore, you look at investing, not as a gamble, but as a certainty, you think, with your being able to note the workings of stock and how to make your money increase there, Virgo. Take your time to study this creative idea successfully before you invest. Thursday, today you're not sure you even like people, including your coworkers. Those that you thought well of before get on your nerves today if they're not into the creative posture you've taken lately. There's no interest in what looks to be what everyone else is doing, Virgo. You're onto a path of individual creative flair and you want those you associate with to do the same. You may feel just the least bit left out though because others seem to stick to the tried and true ways of life. Friday, listen to your gut today more than ever on a career opportunity that comes up now. Your sense of honesty and sensitivity may not exist in the people recruiting you. This job may go against your grain completely. You want to be admired by others and you are. Hence the new offer but beware, Virgo. Not all you encounter truly respect you. They may respect your manner of prospering but not your methods. Saturday, today is a great day for recognizing the best things in life such as home, family, children and pets. And you do. You may be about to experience great material gain. Perhaps you know where that's coming from now, Virgo. Take this day to enjoy those you love. Go exploring. That doesn't mean you have to go outdoors. It could be discovering new science or learning about something you love through investigation of books or the Internet. Happy Week Virgo! Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

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