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Weekly Capricorn Horoscopes

Weekly Capricorn December 22 – January 19

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Friends may take control of most of your day this sunday–you do not mind. You love a social life–friends and relationships play a major role in your makeup. Keep grounded with your own emotions, perhaps through gardening. You are driven and passionate in your pursuit of change and inner growth this monday. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best this tuesday. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. Statistics are a big part of your workday. This wednesday is a wonderful time to volunteer your services to other co-workers. This type of activity will put you in a position to hear or gain inside information; store for later use. The power of organization may become the main function of your professional life and can be quite prolific this thursday. There are ways to make this work as your main job: advisor, management or adjustment agency. Someone with a different set of values than your own may meet with you this friday. His or her taste may run counter to yours. This may simply mean a different sense of humor; then again, it could just mean different likes and dislikes. Your own plans keep you busy this saturday and the day moves rather quickly.

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